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Jeremy Biberdorf By: Jeremy Biberdorf Apr 15, 2023
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4.7 rating based on 5 ratings

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In a nutshell: TradersPost is an electronic trading platform designed to help traders maximize the potential of their current brokerage accounts using automated trading strategies.

Supporting a variety of asset classes and popular brokers, TradersPost works in tandem with services like TradingView or TrendSpider to automate the entire experience.

Sure, this sounds like amazing software, but claims and real-world performance often differ quite a bit. Does the platform really live up to expectations? Find out in this TradersPost review!

Service TypeFees Promotion
Automated trading platform$0 - $200/monthN/A

TradersPost is best for…

Low to mid-volume traders who want an app for traders that can help them automate their stocks, options, and futures trading strategies.

While many similar services require traders to have some coding knowledge under their belt, TradersPost does not. This helps the platform a lot by making it more accessible to a wider range of traders.

At the moment, the platform doesn’t offer support for crypto or forex. However, both asset classes are listed as “coming soon”, which implies that traders should be able to automate trades in these asset classes via TradersPost in the near future.

Pros & Cons
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Offers paper trading
  • Free services offered
  • Limited broker compatibility
  • Doesn’t retry failed orders
  • No forex or crypto support

What is TradersPost?

TradersPost is an online platform that serves as an effective resource for traders who want to be able to automate the latest trading strategies using trading signals.

Through a simple user interface, traders are able to automate their chosen trading strategies on multiple brokers, so long as they’re trading in one of the supported asset classes.

The platform has its own active online community, as well as a dedicated Discord server and various social media pages (including TikTok, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook).

This community is one of the best parts of TradersPost, as it gives users access to trading strategies, automated trading tutorials, fellow traders, and information about product updates.


The main feature of TradersPost is automated trading, which can be done on your broker of choice or multiple brokers from the broker list.

Once the broker integration of your account is complete, you’ll be able to easily manage multiple accounts thanks to a unified trading UI.

Automatic trading is offered on over 100 tickers across a variety of asset classes. Using data provided by services like  TradingView or TrendSpider, the platform is able to automate your trades according to the strategy you’ve set up.

While a coding-free experience may be great for less experienced traders or those who don’t know how to code, TradersPost does support some custom coding in the following languages:

  • C#
  • C++
  • cURL
  • Go
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby

Beyond automatic trading, TradersPost also has an active online community, detailed documentation (for self-help), and excellent customer service.

Pricing & Plans

Now that we’ve gone over the features of the platform, let’s take a look at the different subscriptions offered.


All new users have access to a free, 30-day paper trading account. This plan supports one live broker, two paper brokers, a single asset class, one strategy subscription, manual submissions, and community support.


TradersPost has four different paid plans. Each can be purchased at full price on a month-to-month basis, or annually for a 15% off discount.

Starter ($49/month)

This plan includes all of the free features, as well as live auto submissions. It increases the paper broker limit to four (from one).

Basic ($99/month)

The Basic plan increases the paper brokers limit to six, supports up to five strategy subscriptions, and grants subscribers access to excellent customer service via phone or email.

Pro ($199/month)

“Pro” increases both the live broker and asset class limits to three. It also increases the paper broker limit to eight, allows for up to ten strategy subscriptions, and includes strategy sharing.

Premium ($299/month)

This plan includes all of the features above. It raises the live broker limit to six, the paper broker limit to ten, supports up to five asset classes, and offers unlimited strategy subscriptions.


TradersPost may have a 4.8 star rating on TrustPilot, but that doesn’t mean the platform lacks any shortcomings. Actually, there are a few that you will want to be aware of, though—fortunately—none of them pose a major issue.

Currently, only stocks and futures are listed as fully supported asset classes. Options is a beta feature; both crypto and forex are listed as “coming soon”. This will obviously limit the potential of the platform for traders interested in these types of financial assets.

Another noteworthy mention is broker support. At the time of writing, only five brokers—Alpaca, Robinhood, TD Ameritrade, TradeStations, & Tradier—are supported. However, it appears that TradersPost is working on addressing this issue, as they already have a list of brokers they intend to support in the near future.

Is TradersPost Right for You?

Although TradersPost won’t be right for advanced traders who need to create complex custom codes or complete dozens of trades per minute, for the vast majority of users, the platform is great.

As we previously mentioned in the TradersPost review, neither asset class diversity nor broker support is great, but the current limitations shouldn’t pose much of an issue for traders using popular services.

Offering the ability to automate your trading strategies consistently across multiple brokerage accounts in just a few clicks, we think TradersPost is one of the best services for those who want to take a “hands-off” approach to active trading.

You can test the platform out using paper trading by clicking here!

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