TradesViz vs TraderSync 2024

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
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Maintaining a detailed and analytical journal is crucial for trading success. TradesViz and TraderSync, two leading trading journal platforms, offer unique features to help traders track and analyze their performance.

We will explore the benefits of both platforms as we aim to help traders decide which platform aligns best with their trading journey and strategies.

TradesViz is Better for:TraderSync is Better for:
Ideal for traders seeking extensive charting and indicators.Suitable for professional traders requiring in-depth analysis.
Great for those needing advanced trade classifiers.Excellent for active traders who value automatic trade imports.
Perfect for users who appreciate detailed trade visualization.Ideal for those seeking comprehensive risk analysis tools.
Best for traders focusing on forex and cryptocurrency trades.Great for traders wanting a mobile app for on-the-go tracking.

Introducing the Platforms


TradesViz offers a platform focused on visualizing trading performance with interactive charts and detailed reports. It caters to traders who need advanced trade classifiers and an extensive range of indicators for every chart.

Particularly strong in forex and cryptocurrency markets, TradesViz allows traders to analyze their trades in depth with a user-friendly interface. This platform is ideal for traders who rely heavily on chart studies and detailed visualizations of their trading activity.


TraderSync is designed for professional and active traders, offering a comprehensive solution for tracking and analyzing trading performance. It includes automatic trade imports, in-depth risk analysis tools, and a mobile app for convenient access.

The platform excels in providing detailed performance reports, options trades analysis, and a wide range of features that cater to all asset classes. TraderSync’s advanced reports and user-friendly interface make it a favorite among traders looking to refine their strategies and improve their trading decisions.

Check out our comprehensive review of TraderSync to learn everything you need to know about the platform.

TradesViz Logo TraderSync Logo
Type of Service Advanced charting and trade visualization Comprehensive trading journal and analysis
Best Use Forex and cryptocurrency trading Professional and diversified trading
Customer Support Adequate support, user-friendly interface Responsive and detailed customer support
Charting and Visualization Extensive charting tools and indicators Basic charting, focus on performance analysis
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Factor 1: Charting and Visualization Tools

TradesViz offers extensive charting and visualization tools

  • TraderSync focuses more on performance analysis than charting.
  • TradesViz is superior for its advanced charting and trade visualization features.

TradesViz excels in providing traders with a platform rich in charting tools and visualization capabilities. The platform allows for a detailed analysis of trades through interactive charts, a wide range of indicators, and advanced trade classifiers.

This feature is especially beneficial for forex and cryptocurrency traders who rely on chart studies to make informed decisions. TradesViz’s focus on visualizing trading performance makes it an excellent choice for traders who prioritize detailed chart analysis in their trading routine.

TraderSync, while offering basic charting tools, places a stronger emphasis on performance analysis and reporting. Its charting capabilities are designed to support the overall performance review rather than serve as the primary tool for trade analysis.

For traders who need a platform that offers extensive charting and visualization, TradesViz provides a more suitable and feature-rich environment.

Factor 2: Comprehensive Trading Analysis and Reporting

TraderSync excels in detailed trading performance analysis and reporting

  • TradesViz provides in-depth trade reports but focuses more on visualization.
  • TraderSync is preferred for its comprehensive analysis tools and advanced reporting capabilities.

TraderSync stands out for its ability to offer deep insights into trading performance through its comprehensive analysis and reporting tools. It includes features like advanced risk analysis, automatic trade imports, and detailed performance reports, allowing traders to dissect their trading activities thoroughly.

This level of detail is crucial for professional traders and those analyzing a wide range of asset classes, as it enables them to pinpoint areas for improvement and refine their strategies.

TradesViz, while providing detailed trade reports, emphasizes more on the visualization aspect of trading data. Its reporting capabilities are robust but may not offer the same depth of analysis as TraderSync, especially in terms of risk assessment and diversified asset class analysis.

For traders seeking a platform that combines detailed performance analysis with advanced reporting, TraderSync offers a more comprehensive solution.

Factor 3: User Interface and Accessibility

TraderSync offers a user-friendly interface and a convenient mobile app

  • TradesViz also has a user-friendly platform with a focus on charting.
  • TraderSync wins for its ease of use and mobile accessibility for on-the-go tracking.

TraderSync’s platform is designed with a focus on user accessibility, featuring an intuitive interface that simplifies tracking and analyzing trades. The addition of a mobile app is a significant advantage, as it allows traders to access their trading journal and performance data anytime, anywhere.

This mobile accessibility is particularly beneficial for active traders who need to monitor their trading activities and make decisions while away from their desktop.

TradesViz provides a user-friendly interface as well, specially tailored for traders who utilize extensive charting and visualization tools. However, for traders who prioritize ease of access and the flexibility to track their trading activity on the move, TraderSync’s mobile app and user-friendly platform offer a more adaptable and convenient solution.

Factor 4: Asset Class Coverage and Trading Style Adaptability

TraderSync supports a wide range of asset classes and trading styles

  • TradesViz focuses more on forex and cryptocurrency markets.
  • TraderSync is superior for its versatility in supporting diverse trading styles and asset classes.

TraderSync’s platform is adept at catering to a variety of trading styles and covering multiple asset classes, including stocks, options, forex, and cryptocurrencies. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for traders who diversify their portfolios across different markets.

The platform’s tools and features are designed to adapt to various trading strategies, from day trading to swing trading, providing users with a flexible solution to meet their individual trading needs.

TradesViz, while strong in forex and cryptocurrency market analysis, may not offer the same level of adaptability for other asset classes or diverse trading styles. For traders who require a platform that can accommodate a wide range of trading strategies and asset classes, TraderSync presents a more versatile and inclusive option.

The Final Verdict

In comparing TradesViz and TraderSync, it’s clear that both platforms cater to different needs within the trading community. TraderSync stands out for its comprehensive trading analysis, reporting capabilities, user-friendly interface, mobile app, and support for a wide range of asset classes and trading styles, making it an ideal choice for professional and active traders seeking a thorough and flexible trading solution.

TradesViz, with its focus on detailed charting, visualization tools, and competitive pricing, remains a strong contender for traders who prioritize visual analysis and are looking for an affordable platform with essential features.

For traders seeking a comprehensive platform that offers in-depth analysis, advanced reporting, and the convenience of mobile accessibility, TraderSync is an excellent choice, and the winner of this matchup. Click here to sign up with TraderSync today.
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