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October 18, 2023October 18, 2023

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Tradezella, garnering attention in the trading community, stands out as a dedicated platform for day traders to journal their trades. But it’s more than just a diary; it’s an advanced tool that not only allows recording but also analyzing and refining trading strategies.

Both novices and experienced traders can find value in its diverse functionalities. In this TradeZella review, we’ll pull back the curtain and look into Tradezella’s offerings, gauging its usability and performance to determine its compatibility with your trading goals.
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What Is TradeZella?

TradeZella, developed by Umar Ashraf, stands as a vital instrument for traders passionate about chronicling their trading escapades. This cloud-integrated software fuses comprehensive journaling functionalities with advanced features, illuminating trading patterns and tendencies.

Crafted with the trader’s perspective, TradeZella operates much like a GPS for trades, navigating and breaking down every move just as a GPS system dissects a journey’s course. Its ultimate mission? Guiding traders in identifying both their strong suits and areas requiring improvement.

TradeZella Features

Here are some of the most important features of TradeZella:

  • Contract Specifics: Catering to the intricate nature of options trading, it facilitates entries for variables such as strike prices and expiry dates. It even incorporates premium pricing to derive risk-to-reward metrics.
  • Web Accessibility: Recognizing the era’s mobile-centric nature, TradeZella’s web access feature ensures traders can revisit and amend their trades from any location, offering unparalleled convenience.
  • User-Friendly Design: TradeZella sports a straightforward interface. This streamlined design, combined with quick data input features, makes the platform accessible for both novice and seasoned traders.
  • Guidance Materials: TradeZella is equipped with instructive guides and tutorials, ensuring users swiftly acclimatize to the platform’s functionalities.
  • Efficient Data Management: Beyond simple data entry, TradeZella stands out with its bulk upload feature, enabling users to seamlessly import multiple trades. Furthermore, its advanced data sorting and filtering tools allow traders to methodically organize and analyze their trades.
  • In-depth Analysis Tools: TradeZella is not merely a data-entry platform. It’s embedded with vital tools like Profit & Loss tracking, enabling traders to gain real-time insights into their performance. For those keen on metrics, the platform’s emphasis on risk and reward multiple metrics can be pivotal.

TradeZella Reviews & Ratings

Lets look at some reviews & ratings from other users to gain a more well rounded view of the platform’s offerings.

Randall Trejos

Oct 5, 2023

Hands down the best journaling and trade analysis software

Hands down, the best journaling and trade analysis software I’ve seen. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, the connection with dozens of brokers to download your trades is seamless, and the reports are detailed and easy to create. If you are serious about trading, this is the best tool I’ve found to improve and develop.
Not only the software is already very well designed and powerful, but the speed at which they develop new features is amazing. Every time I’ve needed support, I’ve gotten prompt responses, and even one time it took a while, they ended up doing an update just to fix my issue!
Couldn’t be happier, highly recommend TradeZella.

Date of experience: October 01, 2023


Sep 29, 2023


Best of the bunch! Simplicity is winning

I have used the other well known trading journals and I honestly could never get into them. Some have a nice UI and some have an overkill of features with chaotic layouts.

For me I really love simplicity, it helps me focus and engage on the task at hand. TradeZella is not the first journal I’ve paid for but it is the first one I’ve actually used with success.

Excellent UI/UX
Simplicity and easy to use
Great onboarding
Insights for the day
Broker sync ( my broker is supported )
Tagging is awesome
Risk factor is awesome
I actually want to use the software, it’s not just passive.
I get all of the information I want and nothing I don’t.
Support is friendly, helpful and responsive

Most expensive journal I’ve used
No mobile app
Mobile web experience is OK but could be better

Overall highly recommend the journal, I was honestly pretty skeptical especially given there is no free trial. I watched a bunch of reviews and the companies videos before purchasing so I did know what I was getting. Pleasantly surprised at how much more I like this software compared to every other one. A mobile app would make this 11/10 for me.

Date of experience: September 29, 2023

Shay Mashiach

Aug 12, 2023

This tool is a game-changer!

This tool is a game-changer!

The level of details and information is incredible.
Being able to overview my performance using TradeZella gave me many insights and brought my trading flaws to consciousness.
I use it to review my trading activity on a daily basis and it made a huge impact on my results.

Highly recommend it

Date of experience: June 01, 2023

TradeZella Pricing

TradeZella’s monthly cost stands at $49 or an annual fee of $399, translating to $33 monthly. While some may view this as a bit pricey, the comprehensive features, ongoing upgrades, and potential benefits to a trader’s performance justify the expense for most.

Final Thoughts

After reading about TradeZella’s reviews & ratings, it’s evident that TradeZella isn’t just another trading journal; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to elevate the trading experience for both novices and seasoned traders. The platform’s emphasis on detailed analytics, user-friendly interface, and continuous updates stands testament to its commitment to aiding traders in their journey to success.

For those serious about optimizing their trading strategies, gaining actionable insights, and refining their decision-making processes, TradeZella offers a compelling resource. Its value far outweighs the cost, especially when considering the potential positive impact on one’s trading performance.

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