TradingView Charts and Screeners – Review and Analysis

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July 16, 2021July 16, 2021

TradingView’s charts and analysis software suite gives us the tools to make better, more informed stock picks. A web-based package offering a wide variety of charting options, stock screeners, stock alerts, and customizable analyses, TradingView is an all-in-one solution for dewy-eyed newcomers and demanding veterans alike.

Investing is becoming more popular than ever, and, according to Jill Cornfield of CNBC, “Many young persons are realizing that they can make a difference in the world with their investing dollars.” This is called “socially-responsible” investing, and it’s all the current rage.

According to statistics maintained by UBS Investor Watch, more than two-thirds of American millennials are interested in socially responsible, sustainable investing.

Nevertheless, in spite of all the good cheer, successful investing is no easy task. Socially responsible stock picks are all good and well until you begin to see your fortunes decrease, or evaporate altogether. That’s why it’s important to know the market, and make the best educated guesses you can. Combined with a good robo-advisor, TradingView plugs you into what is happening day in and day out in the turbulent world of global finance.

We know that TradingView grants users access to vital information presented in real time, but what are these HTML5 charts and what do they do? What is a stock screener and how can I take advantage of them? What are the potentials of customizable analyses?

This article will delve into just what makes TradingView one of the strongest trading platforms on the market today.

HTML5 Charts – Building Success

The novelty and advantage of HTML5 charts is that they are interactive, taking advantage of the latest in internet technology. Short for “hypertext markup language”, HTML simply means a set of symbols or codes meant to display something on the internet. As the 5th and last version of HTML, HTML5 structures virtually all that we see and read on the internet today.

What does this mean for charting services? For starters, HMTL5 technology allows these charts to look great and stay responsive on any device. No matter if you are using TradingView’s charts on a desktop or a mobile device, they intelligently adapt and conform to any screen dimension, giving you a crystal clear view of exactly what is happening with your most coveted stocks.

Another thing is that TradingView’s charts are engineered to deliver the utmost in interactivity, and this goes for both desktop and mobile variants. Unlike many of its competitors who still use picture charts, TradingView’s HTML5 technology allows users to draw directly onto them. This comes in especially handy for taking notes and applying other forms of reference.

And not least, TradingView packs a wide variety of charting options. These include “candlestick and bars,” “baseline,” “Heikin Ashi,” “Renko,” and “Kagi” charts, just to name a few of their standouts. This allows any user to keep a close eye on all the world’s markets through different “lenses.”

TradingView’s Stock Screener – Combing the Markets

TradingView’s stock screener is a simple solution to keeping better track of the things that matter across markets. With the abundance of informational wealth that TradingView’s charts provide, it’s easy for some users to feel overwhelmed by the sheer scope of it all. The stock screener allows you to stipulate detailed parameters and limits so that you will be immediately notified of stocks which reach or exceed desired thresholds.

You can add moving averages to your charts and incorporate yearly, monthly, and weekly performance values as well, so that you keep well-informed without all the tedious effort of manually combing through each and every chart.

TradingView also gives you the ability to run multiple screeners with alerts, and combined with TradingView’s rich social media, there are always educational series running which show you how to get the most out of your custom screeners.

TradingView’s customer screeners and indicators are just another way to further your grip on the markets.

TradingView – Charts and Screeners

Quality robo-advisors and stock picking services have made trading easier than ever to get into. And while this democratization has ushered in many benefits, we think the trend’s potential problems and pitfalls are often overlooked or outright ignored: namely, that most newcomers don’t know enough to ensure themselves long-term, lasting success.

Accessible charting platforms like TradingView is one way to become better informed. Another is stock trading news sources like Benzinga Pro, which provide subscribers with the kind of insider info and late-breaking stories long horded by professionals. Combining a charting platform with a reliable, stock-centric news source will go a long way in mitigating initial losses.

The great thing about TradingView is that its robust charts, screeners, and indicators are largely free and open-source.

This makes for a no-brainer: get TradingView today and jumpstart your successful stock picking journey.

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