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Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf


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The world of stock trading has significantly evolved, with traders constantly searching for advanced tools to enhance their trading experience. Two platforms, TradingView and MT4 (MetaTrader 4), stand out as leaders in the realm of stock charting services.

While both offer valuable insights for traders, our focus will be on evaluating which platform provides the edge when it comes to features, ease of use, and overall user satisfaction.

TradingView is Better for:MT4 is Better for:
Best for advanced charting and technical analysis.Favored for its algorithmic trading features.
Ideal for connecting with a vibrant trading community.Suitable for forex market enthusiasts.
Optimal for real-time US stock data and international markets.Preferred by traders accustomed to its familiar interface.
Suitable for traders seeking a robust stock screener.Good choice for basic technical indicators and trading signals.

Introducing the Platforms


A platform that offers a blend of advanced charting tools, technical analysis, and a dynamic community of traders. What truly sets TradingView apart is its commitment to providing a comprehensive package for traders, ranging from beginners to professionals.

Whether it’s the latest news feeds, trend lines, or its paper trading feature, TradingView has something for everyone. Their premium versions further enhance the trading experience, offering an ad-free environment and access to exclusive tools. Dive deeper into an analysis of TradingView by checking out our full review of the platform.


A long-standing favorite in the trading world, MT4 has solidified its position with features tailored primarily for forex market traders. Although it offers a range of technical indicators and signals, it might feel limited when stacked against the wide range of services offered by competitors.

However, its strength lies in algorithmic trading and direct access to the market.

TradingView MT4
Type of Service Stock Charting and Analysis Forex Trading Platform
Best Use Technical Analysis & Community Forex and Algorithmic Trading
Customer Support 24/7 Online Support Limited Online Support
Mobile Available for iOS and Android Limited Mobile Versions
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More Info

More Info

Modest Money Overall Rating
4.5 rating based on 5 ratings
4.0 rating based on 5 ratings

Factor 1: Charting and Analysis Capabilities

TradingView offers superior advanced charting tools

  • MT4 provides a decent range of basic technical indicators.
  • TradingView’s advanced charting tools make it the preferred choice.

Boasting a wide array of technical analysis tools, TradingView ensures that traders have every tool at their disposal. From trend lines to resistance lines and beyond, it offers an unparalleled analytical depth. Its interactive charts are not just for professionals but are also user-friendly for beginners.

While MT4 does offer a suite of technical indicators, it can feel somewhat limited when compared to the extensive list from TradingView. It provides basic tools, which may suffice for some traders, but those looking for in-depth analysis might find it lacking.

Factor 2: Community Engagement and Learning

TradingView’s mobile versions for both iOS and Android are seamless

  • MT4 has limited mobile compatibility.
  • TradingView wins with its comprehensive mobile experience.

Recognizing the need for traders to have access on the go, TradingView offers excellent mobile versions. Whether it’s real-time news, alerts, or even technical analysis, everything is accessible at your fingertips, making the trading experience smooth and efficient.

MT4 does have mobile versions, but they’re somewhat limited in comparison to TradingView. While the basic functionalities are present, it might not be the best choice for traders who heavily rely on mobile trading.

Factor 4: Integration and Broker Compatibility

TradingView offers unparalleled integration with numerous global brokers

  • MT4, while established, mostly integrates with specific forex brokers.
  • TradingView’s vast broker compatibility makes it a preferred choice.

In today’s interconnected financial markets, the ability to integrate with a wide range of brokers worldwide is crucial. TradingView understands this and has made strategic partnerships with numerous brokers. This not only provides a seamless trading experience but also gives traders the flexibility to switch brokers without changing their charting platform.

Furthermore, executing trades directly from the charts, thanks to this integration, is a feature that many traders appreciate, elevating the overall user experience.

MetaTrader 4, while dominant in the forex market, has a more limited scope when it comes to broker integration. Predominantly aligning with forex brokers, it may not cater to those who seek diversity in their trading or those who trade multiple asset classes. While it serves its niche effectively, traders looking for broader integration might find it lacking.

Factor 5: Premium Features and Pricing

TradingView’s premium versions are packed with high-end features enhancing the trading experience

  • MT4 offers a reliable experience but lacks the extensive premium features of TradingView.
  • For value and features, TradingView’s premium offerings stand out.

The premium packages offered by TradingView are a testament to its commitment to cater to both novice and professional traders. With these memberships, users can dive deeper into advanced charting, benefit from an ad-free environment, access a more extensive set of technical indicators, and get priority customer support.

All these features, combined with competitive pricing, provide tremendous value, making it an attractive proposition for those serious about trading.

While MT4 brings a sturdy and dependable platform to the table, its offerings in the premium segment are somewhat sparse compared to TradingView. Its primary strength lies in forex trading, and while it does that exceptionally well, those looking for more extensive premium features might find it a bit constrained.

The Final Verdict

In the world of trading platforms, both TradingView and MT4 have cemented their positions with unique offerings. MT4, with its specialized focus on forex, has been the go-to for many forex traders for years. Its reliability and robustness are commendable. However, when juxtaposed with TradingView, the latter seems to have an edge, especially for those who are looking for an all-encompassing platform.

TradingView’s emphasis on building a holistic trading platform – from its active community and advanced charting tools to its broad broker integration and enticing premium offerings – makes it stand out. For traders who value these facets and are looking for a one-stop solution for their trading needs, TradingView is hard to beat.

If you’re inclined to dive right in and elevate your trading journey – click here to join TradingView now. Experience a trading world full of possibilities and insights.
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