Taking a Carriage to the Ball (aka Transportation Savings)

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I, myself, have never had the good fortune to ride in a free carriage made out of a transformed pumpkin. Perhaps you have had better luck than me? If not, there have likely been times in your life where you wanted to get from Town A to Town B for as close to free as possible. This is a collection of rather straight forward ways to help save yourself a few bucks on transportation costs related to attending a wedding (or a family reunion, school reunion, graduation…you get the idea). Basically, they are all premised on several people doing exactly the same thing as you, there are decided benefits to being a Sheeple!

#1 – The Shout Out

This may be the easiest way to acquire some savings on transportation. Chances are, if you are attending one of these events, you know a few people who are going. You can post on Facebook that you are looking to split a ride to and from. Even if it will only be a ride between the hotel and the event, that can help you save some coin! A note of caution: sometimes, especially in the case of weddings, guest lists are sensitive matters and some people may be very disgruntled to hear that you received an invitation and they did not. So, you may want to use the direct approach, where you ask the host who is coming from your area, to be more sensitive. Who knows, you may make some fantastic new friends if the host puts you in touch with someone you don’t already know.

#2 – Ride Shares

If you live in a larger city, especially those with universities, there is likely a well-established ride share program. Obviously, you should exercise caution and trust your instincts when accepting a ride from a stranger. That said, you can often go great distances for only the cost of gas! I often made use of ride shares between Ottawa and Toronto, many times making the trip for only $20 or $30! Alternatively, it may be a good way to offset your own gas costs, by offering up a ride in your vehicle.

#3 – Rental Shares

Looking to arrive in style with the latest sports car? Looking to pull up in a loaded mini-van, with frugal personal finance bloggers cheering you on? Pull together a group of friends and split the car rental that you need to get around the local town or from your hometown to the event. Splitting a minivan amongst six friends can result in an awesome road trip that doesn’t break the bank! Check out rent-a-wreck for good prices and most importantly, read the fine print on your credit card. Many credit cards offer car rental insurance as a benefit, which can save a lot of money! There are usually restrictions on how many days it is valid within a certain time period, so be sure to do your research.

#4 – The Taxi Split

Unless you are in a situation where the gracious hosts have arranged transportation back to your hotel or home, you will likely need to take a taxi home from the event. Especially if you are staying in the group hotel, you should arrange to split a cab before the night starts! When you stay in the same hotel as your long-lost frat buddy, you can pre-plan how hard you will party and take a cab at the same time.

#5 – Local Transit

Take the Vomit Comet, aka the night bus system in Toronto (and many other cities). If you spend ten minutes researching public transit, you may find that you can safely return to the place you plan to stay for only a few dollars. This is especially true in cities with subways. Chances are your hotel will be located close to major transit centers.

These ideas are not revolutionary, but I hope that they encourage you to take five minutes to save yourself some coin the next time you need to attend a destination event. If you would like some more tips on ways to save once you have arrived at your destination, may I suggest my 4 Wedding Food Savings Tips for Guests!

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