TransUnion’s Credit Lock App – Credit Identity Security When it Matters Most

If you are not prepared for identity theft, you are making yourself a target. It’s as simple as that. But even the most prepared consumers are not completely secure. Identity theft has a cascading effect. Once a thief has a single account password, it’ll be all the easier to get your address, your license number, your social security number! Once a thief has pieced together the numbers, passwords, and documents that signify you as you, they can do real damage to your personal and financial life. Since no one is perfectly secure from identity theft, it is best to have countermeasures in place, if you ever do get a facet of your identity stolen.

In this effort, I recommend Credit Monitoring by TransUnion, specifically Credit Lock (now available as a mobile app). TransUnion is one of the three Credit Reporting Agencies, organizations that track your consumer behavior and give you your credit report. Who better to notice if something is going awry with your credit? Basically, with credit monitoring, TransUnion will notify you anytime an inquiry is made on your credit. If you requested the inquiry, no problem. If you did not, well, you just stopped a potential fraudster in the act. TransUnion’s Credit Monitoring has a lot of other features, but we’re here to focus on Credit Lock.

Credit Lock is a function by which you can turn off your credit with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger. Now available as a mobile app, Credit Lock puts all of your credit accounts on instant lockdown if you suspect foul play. In years past, cutting off your credit was a laborious and slow process, sometimes even reliant on snail mail! Now, working in tandem with TransUnion’s Credit Monitoring notifications, you will know the moment someone tries to access your credit without your knowledge or consent. You can freeze your credit instantaneously, giving you the time and security to sort out the problem.

This is a vast improvement over the way things used to operate. Most of us remember the days when an identity thief could do a lot of damage to your financial life before the activity was even noticed. To be even safer, TransUnion recommends that you keep your credit locked until you actually have to make a request for a new line of credit. This way, your state of mind is at peace, knowing that no one but yourself has access to your credit. Even if you forget to unlock access, all you have to do is open the Credit Lock app and, with a quick swipe, your credit is open and accessible again, for you and your use.

Credit Lock represents a new generation of credit security. TransUnion understands that there are more avenues for identity theft than ever. But it is also easier to insulate your credit and personal life from these attacks. Take advantage of Credit Lock and TransUnion’s broader Credit Monitoring service today.

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