Get There Sooner: Travel Saving Tips

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Working hard is the only way to stay financially stable, but everyone can use a holiday. Unfortunately, more people are forgoing that much-needed holiday because of the staggering cost of travel. Saving on travel makes it possible to enjoy a week away without worrying about what will happen to your bank account in the process. Learn how to take your dream holiday sooner with these money-saving tips.

1. Lease a private flat or home instead of staying in a hotel. Homeowners who want to rent out a flat or home often charge weekly or even monthly rates. These rates work out to be much lower per night than hotels. You’ll also have more room and may even find a location that is more central to attractions that you want to visit during your trip.

Bigger homes are ideal for groups that are travelling together. Consider going on a trip with a group of friends so you can split the cost of a house. You’ll be able to enjoy a private room without having to shell out a lot of money.

2. Sign up for travel price alerts. Many travel websites allow you to receive alerts if a trip that you would like to take falls under a certain price. You can enter the destination, desired travel dates and the highest acceptable price in order to be emailed notifications. Email alerts allow you to jump on a great deal while it’s available.

3. Shop around for all-inclusive holiday packages. It’s not unusual to find yourself paying for every little extra at a hotel. Many hotels charge for Internet access, newspaper delivery, extra pillows and even bottles of water that include price information in tiny printing that you might miss if you don’t look hard enough. Search reviews from past travellers to learn more about what is included in a specific hotel stay. You may think you’re getting a deal on a decent hotel, but these fees add up quickly. Failing to research fees could mean going over your travel budget within minutes of checking in.

4. Search for off-season trip ideas. If you are flexible about the attractions in your holiday destination, there are plenty of travel deals to be enjoyed in the off season. Every travel destination has something going on throughout the year, but you may have to look through a website listing local attractions to find out what’s going on during your desired travel dates. An eccentric cultural festival can make for an interesting, affordable holiday.

5. Disable cookies when you search for travel deals. Believe it or not, websites that record search data can actually use this data to try to sell you travel at an inflated price. You may find a great deal and plan to come back to a travel website later to book the travel. The travel websites will be able to recognise that you’re interested in a specific package, and you will probably find that the price goes up significantly when you visit the website again. Avoid these rate hikes by clearing your browsing history and disabling cookies.

6. Save dining out for special nights. Dining out can account for a huge percentage of your travel costs. If you want to save money once you arrive at your holiday destination, plan to eat food you make yourself as much as possible. Staying in a home instead of a hotel would allow you to gain access to a kitchen for meal preparation.

You don’t have to give up all fine dining to save money. Book one or two nights at a restaurant that you’ve been dying to try to keep your travel experience enjoyable.

Being wise about your finances doesn’t mean that you have to give up your holiday. Be smart about booking travel in order to enjoy significant cost savings. Remember to have enough cash with you at all times while travelling, as not all places will accept foreign credit cards or travellers cheques. Some financial companies have international services that can really help you out. Check what options your bank has available before leaving on your next adventure. And remember that saving money on travel lets you get away sooner.

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