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October 13, 2023October 13, 2023

TrendSpider Discount Code

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For those eager to elevate their trading game and dive deeper into advanced technical analysis, TrendSpider offers an incredible solution. However, we understand that investing in a tool can sometimes be daunting. That’s why we’re thrilled to present our exclusive TrendSpider discount code! With this code, traders can enjoy the myriad of benefits that the platform offers at a more budget-friendly price.

What is TrendSpider? website

TrendSpider is a renowned technical analysis platform tailor-made for traders who aim to refine their trade strategies and decisions. Originating from the collective vision of Daniel Ushman and Ruslan Lagutin in 2016, the duo ventured to create a platform that addressed the inefficiencies they faced as traders. Specifically, they were burdened with the exhaustive task of manually analyzing charts day-in and day-out, only to start over the next day, an ordeal that frequently took a toll on their trading outcomes.

As technology evolved, so did TrendSpider. It proudly stands as the pioneer in introducing a fully-customizable automation engine to the world of technical analysis. This wasn’t just another platform on the block. Instead, TrendSpider was crafted with an intent to bolster the trading plans of traders and render them more consistent, thereby reducing the frequency of costly mistakes. The platform’s ethos is not about replacing the trader’s expertise but enhancing it.

With tools such as real-time and historical market data, customizable charting tools, automatic trend line detection, and advanced backtesting, TrendSpider has championed the transition from subjective mathematical analysis to a more precise, mathematical, and automated approach, allowing traders to swiftly pinpoint lucrative trading opportunities and trends.

Get upto 30% Off with TrendSpider Discount Code ‘MM30’


TrendSpider is a leading technical analysis platform that has established a niche for itself by providing a comprehensive set of tools for traders. Here are the key features and aspects of TrendSpider:

  • Comprehensive Toolset: TrendSpider consolidates various trading tools, providing real-time and historical market data for over 65,000 assets. It also includes more than 200 built-in indicators for robust charting and pattern recognition tools.
  • Automation & Machine Learning: One of the standout features of TrendSpider is its use of machine learning algorithms. This allows traders to automatically detect trend lines, recognize candlestick patterns, and get dynamic alerts based on various indicators or trend lines.
  • Objective Mathematical Analysis: TrendSpider aims to replace the subjective nature of mathematical analysis in trading with an objective approach. This helps traders make faster, more consistent decisions.
  • Advanced Features: The platform comes with several advanced features such as custom indicators, trading bots, and alerts via webhooks. It also offers data on sentiment, volumes, and flows, catering to various trading requirements.
  • User Experience: While TrendSpider is praised for its powerful features, it has a complex user interface that might be challenging for beginners. However, the platform provides educational resources and dedicated support to assist users of all experience levels.
  • Pricing: TrendSpider offers multiple pricing tiers starting from $35/month. Advanced tools come with a higher price tag of $135/month. Despite the costs, a free trial is available for those interested in exploring the platform’s features.

TrendSpider is a versatile tool tailored for active traders, advanced users, and technical analysts, offering a blend of traditional trading tools with the power of automation and machine learning.

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TrendSpider is a renowned technical analysis platform, gaining traction among traders for its comprehensive suite of tools and automated analysis capabilities. This platform offers a range of pricing options to cater to various trading needs, making it a top choice for many. Here, we delve deep into the pricing options and benefits each plan brings to the table.

Free Trial

TrendSpider offers a 7-day free trial for potential users to explore the platform’s features. During the trial period, users can change, upgrade, or cancel their plans without any payment. Automated reminders are sent about 3 days before the trial’s renewal. It’s important for users to cancel their account before the trial concludes if they don’t wish to proceed to a paid subscription

Essential Plan
  • Monthly Price: $39
  • Annual Price: $32/month (billed annually)
  • Features: This plan is catered towards traders who need real-time US market data and unlimited technical analysis tools. However, it limits workspaces and backtesting data.
Elite Plan
  • Monthly Price: $79
  • Annual Price: $65/month (billed annually)
  • Features: The Elite plan takes it up a notch by offering access to alternative data. Users also get the added benefit of automating their trading, which can be a game-changer for many.
Elite Plus Plan
  • Monthly Price: $179
  • Annual Price: $135/month (billed annually)
  • Features: This is the most comprehensive plan offered by TrendSpider. While the specifics of its features are not detailed, it can be inferred that it offers even more capabilities than the Elite plan, making it ideal for professional traders.

It’s worth noting that TrendSpider has been lauded for its technical analysis, automation, and design features. The platform also provides real-time and historical market data for over 65,000 assets and boasts over 200 indicators to analyze charts and data.

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What sets TrendSpider apart is its commitment to versatility, and now with the TrendSpider discount code: MM30 for upto 30% off, it’s even more accessible. Whether one is a day trader, swing trader, or a long-term investor, the platform’s tools and features cater to all.

Get upto 30% Off with TrendSpider Discount Code ‘MM30’

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