TrendSpider vs Finviz 2023: Which trading platform is better?

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
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Trading and investing in the stock market require efficient tools to help you make informed decisions. TrendSpider and Finviz are two popular platforms that provide comprehensive market data and analytics to support traders and investors. In this TrendSpider vs Finviz review, we will compare the two platforms and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in terms of features, pricing, and user experience.

By the end of this review, you will have a clear understanding of each platform and be able to determine which one is the better fit for your trading and investment goals.

TrendSpider is Better for:Finviz is Better for:
Advanced Technical Analysis ToolsUser-Friendly Interface
Customizable Charting and IndicatorsFree Stock Screener
Automated Trendline DetectionQuick Stock Market Overview

When choosing between TrendSpider and Finviz, it’s essential to understand their unique features and tools. While both platforms provide in-depth data analysis and charting, your trading style and objectives may make one platform more suitable for you than the other.

TrendSpider Finviz
Service Type Technical analysis with automated chart pattern recognition, backtesting, and alerts Stock screener, news, charts, maps, portfolio tracking
Fees Free trial, then $39 - $99/month or $348/year Free and Premium ($39.50/month or $299/year)
Customer Support Email and phone support Email support for Premium members
Best Use Technical analysts who want to automate their analysis and trading Day traders and swing traders who need real-time data and news
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Modest Money Overall Rating
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Factor 1: Trading Style

TrendSpider’s Strategy is More Technical Analysis Driven

  • TrendSpider focuses on technical analysis and automation
  • Finviz offers a more comprehensive range of tools
  • TrendSpider is more suitable for active traders


TrendSpider is a technical analysis-focused platform that emphasizes automation to simplify trading and investing. The platform is designed for active traders, providing advanced charting capabilities, automated trendline detection, and multi-timeframe analysis.

One of the standout features of TrendSpider is its market scanner, which enables users to filter stocks based on customizable criteria, such as technical indicators, price, and volume. This feature can help traders identify potential trading opportunities and save time in their research process.


Finviz, short for Financial Visualizations, is a comprehensive financial platform that offers a wide range of tools and features for traders and investors. This platform provides stock screening, portfolio tracking, technical and fundamental analysis, news aggregation, and more.

Finviz’s stock screener is a powerful tool that enables users to filter stocks based on various technical and fundamental criteria. Additionally, Finviz offers heatmap visualizations, allowing traders to quickly spot market trends and potential opportunities.

Factor 2: Platform Features

TrendSpider Offers More Automation Features

  • TrendSpider has automated trendline detection
  • Finviz offers more comprehensive fundamental analysis tools
  • Both platforms provide stock screening and technical analysis


TrendSpider’s main strength lies in its automation features. The platform’s automated trendline detection and multi-timeframe analysis can save traders significant time and effort in their technical analysis process.

Additionally, TrendSpider offers a variety of technical indicators, customizable alerts, and backtesting capabilities, which can help traders test their strategies before committing capital.


Finviz offers a broader range of features than TrendSpider, including comprehensive stock screening, portfolio tracking, and news aggregation. The platform’s heatmap visualizations are particularly useful for traders looking to spot market trends and potential opportunities quickly.

Finviz also provides more in-depth fundamental analysis tools than TrendSpider, making it a better choice for investors who focus on a stock’s financials and valuation metrics. The platform also offers insider trading information, which can provide valuable insights into the buying and selling activities of company executives.

Factor 3: Subscription Cost

TrendSpider’s Pricing is Higher but Offers More Advanced Features

  • TrendSpider pricing starts at $33 per month
  • Finviz offers a free version and a premium version starting at $24.96 per month
  • Both platforms offer a range of plans to suit different needs


TrendSpider offers a range of subscription plans to cater to different users’ needs. The basic plan starts at $33 per month, which includes access to advanced charting, automated trendline detection, multi-timeframe analysis, and a variety of technical indicators. Higher-tier plans with more features, such as more extensive market data and additional alerts, are available at higher price points.


Finviz offers both a free version and a premium version called Finviz Elite. The free version provides access to stock screening, portfolio tracking, and basic charting features. The Elite subscription starts at $24.96 per month, offering more advanced features such as real-time data, advanced charting tools, and access to premium screeners.

Higher-tier plans with additional features and data, such as custom layouts and more extensive news sources, are also available at higher price points.

TrendSpider vs Finviz: Our Summary

When comparing TrendSpider and Finviz, there are a few reasons why one platform might be better suited for your trading and investment goals than the other.

TrendSpider is more focused on technical analysis and automation, making it an excellent choice for active traders who rely heavily on technical indicators and charting. The platform’s automation features, such as automated trendline detection and multi-timeframe analysis, can save traders significant time and effort in their research process.

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Finviz, on the other hand, offers a more comprehensive range of tools and features, making it a better choice for traders and investors who require in-depth fundamental analysis and a broader market overview. The platform’s heatmap visualizations and stock screening capabilities can help traders quickly identify potential trading opportunities and stay informed about the latest market news and trends.

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Ultimately, the choice between TrendSpider and Finviz will depend on your trading style, objectives, and personal preferences. Both platforms offer valuable tools and features to support traders and investors in making informed decisions. Take the time to explore each platform and choose the one that best aligns with your trading and investment goals.