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Bob Haegele
By: Bob Haegele

May 15, 2021

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4.5 rating based on 5 ratings


In a nutshell: Trim is a money saving app that helps you to stay on top of your recurring charges. Whether it’s canceling unused subscriptions or handling bill negotiation, Trim acts as your virtual assistant.

Our Trim review shows this is an essential service for managing your personal finances.

Service TypeFeesPromotion
Automated savings$0 - $99/year14-day free trial

Trim is an automated service and app that automates your savings. With its bill negotiation, subscription cancellation and more, Trim makes saving money easy.

Pros & Cons
  • Works with any bill provider
  • Easy to use
  • Fills a gap in the market
  • 14-day free trial
  • No investment tools
  • No comprehensive goal setting

How Does Trim Compare to Similar Products?

 Trim Logo
4.5 rating based on 5 ratings

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Full Trim Review

Would you like to save money, but aren’t sure where to start? Is your money disappearing and you aren’t really sure why? These are exactly the problems Trim can help solve.

Trim is best for:

  • Diligent savers
  • Those who don’t enjoy negotiating bills
  • Those with many outdated subscriptions

Trim, also known as Ask Trim or Trim Savings, fills a crucial gap in the market that other money management apps don’t offer. This app is designed to save you money by acting as a virtual assistant.

The service’s approach to automation enables you to automatically negotiate with your bill providers. It also uses artificial intelligence to cancel unwanted and unused subscriptions. When used to its full potential, it could save you hundreds of dollars every month.

Read more of our Trim review to find out more about how this service works.

What is Trim?

Product Name
  • Trim
  • Automated bill negotiation and subscription cancellation.
Membership Fee
  • $0.
Customer Service
  • Live chat and email support.

Trim was founded in 2015 and successfully raised more than $2 million to launch its service. Founded by entrepreneurial duo Daniel Petkevich and Thomas Smyth in San Francisco, Trim combines the best of automation and artificial intelligence to save you money.

One of the big gaps in the personal finance management market was the lack of an ability to actively cut out unused subscriptions and to negotiate down utility bill payments. Trim has stepped in to fill that gap.

It’s incredibly easy to use and takes just a few minutes to sign up. Non-subscribers can take advantage of most of the tools available on the site. The Trim Premium subscription service offers several advanced tools for managing your money.

Our review on Trim shows this is one of the best value tools available today for managing your personal finances.

Trim Features

Most Trim reviews talk about how convenient its features are. We examine its core features to help you understand how Trim works.

Easily Cancel Recurring Subscriptions

Monitoring multiple recurring subscriptions is difficult and confusing. Most Americans still pay for subscriptions to magazines and gym memberships that they don’t use.

Link your checking and savings accounts to Trim and they will highlight any recurring subscriptions and enable you to cancel them at the click of a button.

Automatic Bill Renegotiation

The most valuable feature Trim offers is automatic bill renegotiation. Trim works with all U.S.-based providers to save their customers money.

Trim claims that the average subscriber saves up to $250 per year by taking advantage of this feature.

Money Tracking with Trim

Although Trim was never designed to be a budgeting or money tracking app, Trim allows its users to watch their money flow. It also enables you to set up automatic alerts for upcoming bills. Other purpose-built budgeting apps do have more features, but if you’re looking for a bare-bones money tracking feature you can do it with Trim.

Simply connect all your accounts with the app and Trim will tell you how much you’re spending via selected merchants every month. Alerts are sent via convenient SMS messages.

Finally, Trim will estimate your current net worth based on the accounts connected to the app. However, this may not be a 100% accurate calculation as it only includes accounts that are compatible with the app.

Trim Savings

Trim has forged a relationship with Visa to allow you to take advantage of cashback on your usual purchases. Whether spending money at the grocery store or a restaurant, the Trim Savings feature enables you to generate a few extra dollars every month just by connecting your Visa card to the Trim database.

Trim protects your Visa card details and pledges to never use your financial data for anything other than to execute the cashback feature.

Trim Pricing

Anyone can create an account with Trim for free and begin taking advantage of their services. Alternatively, subscribers can register for Trim Premium for $99 per year.

Non-subscribers will be charged 33% of the savings made from any automatic bill renegotiation. Trim Premium users receive 100% of the savings made.

However, there are no charges if Trim is unable to lower your bills.

Trim FAQ

Trim is the perfect app for staying on top of your finances. Let’s answer some of the most common questions people have.

Which Subscriptions Can Trim Cancel?

Trim can identify any type of subscription. They will highlight all your recurring payments and ask whether it’s a subscription you no longer want to pay for.

Can I Budget with Trim?

Yes, Trim does come with several budgeting features to help you manage your finances. However, this isn’t its primary function and there are better budgeting apps available.

Is Trim Legit?

Yes, this is a legitimate company with a long history of saving customers money. The majority of customers do make savings when they use this service.

Is Trim Right for You?

Our review on Trim cannot say enough about how valuable this service can be. The fact that it’s free to create an account and you can still take advantage of its most powerful features elevates it above its competitors.

Even if you’re one of the rare cases of someone who doesn’t save money, it’s free to try, so what do you have to lose?

Create an account with Trim and check out the 14-day free trial of Trim Premium today.

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