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Jeremy Biberdorf By: Jeremy Biberdorf Mar 07, 2023
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In a nutshell: Tykr is a comprehensive stock screener and education platform that aims to help investors simplify their stock research and make better investment decisions. By assessing the “fair value” of tens of thousands of equities, Tykr empowers investors to identify stocks currently trading as bargains.

This is generally a solid, time-tested strategy because when investors buy low and hold, significant wealth tends to accumulate. Tykr has also established a strong track record despite being a relatively young company.

While Tykr has many things going for it, it also faces stiff competition as the fintech space is loaded with great products. Keep reading for our comprehensive Tykr review so you can see if it might be right for you.

Monthly billing | $29.99/monthYearly billing | $20.99/month14-day trial | No credit card required
Pros & Cons
  • The intuitive interface makes stock screening a breeze
  • Fair-value analysis based on tried-and-true investment wisdom
  • Various educational resources provided
  • Free trial (no credit card required)
  • Somewhat limited for more advanced investors
  • No access to raw financial data
  • No ability to generate visualizations
  • Expensive fees for storage

Tykr Review 2023 | Is Tykr Right for Me?

Tykr is built upon the rock-solid foundations of conventional investment wisdom. For example, investors who are fans of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett will appreciate Tykr, as it’s designed for long-term investors in search of undervalued stocks.

If you’re more so interested in explosive gains, day trading, and the like, then Tykr isn’t necessarily the right option for you.

What Tykr excels at is providing simple and robust stock screening, especially for beginner to intermediate investors. Keep reading to learn more about how Tykr works as well as its top features.

How Does Tykr Work?

Tykr has a relatively straightforward approach, one that’s powered by a proprietary algorithm. Each security (out of over 30,000) is listed as “On Sale,” “Watch,” or “Overpriced. (In other words, “Potential Buy,” “Hold/Watch,” or “Potential Sell.”) This summary is provided by Tykr without any work of your own.

Tykr also provides each security with a score (the higher the better, up to 100). This score is meant to measure the overall financial strength of the stock in question.

As mentioned, Tykr works from a value-investing standpoint. So, they consider the Margin of Safety, which is the difference between the share price and the sticker price (the “true value” they estimate). Stocks with a Margin of Safety over 50% are considered especially good buys as they should lead to higher potential returns.

Tykr Features

Tykr offers various features that help set it apart from other online stock screening services, including the following:

  • Stocks – More than 30,000 stocks (U.S. and international) are assessed by Tykr’s proprietary algorithm.
  • Crypto – Fans of cryptocurrency aren’t left out. On Tykr, you have access to an assessment of 2,500+ cryptocurrencies.
  • Educational resources – Tykr helps investors learn about value investing through a complimentary onboarding service. This helps subscribers learn the ins and outs of basic investment knowledge.
  • Community – Tykr’s users have a community platform where they can enjoy discussing stocks and investment advice.
  • Watchlists – Tykr offers the ability to create watchlists for the stocks you’re most interested in. You can also set up watchlist alerts that notify you when a stock’s rating has changed (e.g. from “Watch” to “On Sale”).
  • Portfolios – You can also set up portfolios on Tykr to track how your investments are performing. Plus, you can see the top ten stocks in Sean Tepper’s (i.e. the CEO’s) portfolio.
  • Excel-friendly – With Tykr you can easily download your data to CSV, enabling you to run your own analyses and save your data offline.

Tykr Pricing & Plans

Tykr has straightforward and transparent pricing, which is always a good thing to see when it comes to an investment service.

There’s just one, all-inclusive plan, and subscribers can choose to bill monthly or annually. When billed annually, users save $9 per month ($21 per month instead of $30 per month).

Tykr also offers a 14-day risk-free trial, as no credit card information is required. This is unusual compared to the free trials of most investment services.

Is Tykr Worth It?

Whether Tykr is worth it will depend on your investment strategies and needs. Ultimately, Tykr is an easy-to-use platform that offers strong stock screening capabilities, especially for beginner to intermediate investors. More advanced investors might be slightly frustrated with some of the limitations, like the inability to access a company’s raw financial data.

In any case, Tykr has an excellent track record, as verified by a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot, so you can rest assured that Tykr is a totally legitimate service and not at all a scam.

Click here so you can check out Tykr’s 14-day risk-free trial today and see if it aligns with your needs and preferences.

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