Unusual Whales Reviews and Ratings: A Must Have Tool For Options Traders?

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August 24, 2023August 24, 2023

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Diving into the vast ocean of options trading? Cast your eyes on Unusual Whales, a platform crafted by and for retail traders. Once a humble vessel tracking the vast ‘whales’ of unusual options activity, it’s now an all-encompassing hub with all necessary tools.

From real-time tracking of dark pool options trading to in-depth intraday options analysis, its toolkit is vast. Live feeds, customizable charts, actionable stock sentiment data, and a bustling community await those who venture its waters.

Whether you’re an options novice or a seasoned trader, Unusual Whales offers a dynamic platform to navigate the market’s currents. Is it right for you? After reading this Unusual Whales review, you should have a better idea. We’ll look at the main features, as well as Unusual Whales reviews and ratings from actual users.
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What is Unusual Whales?

Originated in 2020, “Unusual Whales” is a financial platform that focuses on tracking large, influential traders, often referred to as “whales”. These are investors who hold a significant amount of a company’s shares and can majorly impact stock prices with their trades.

Unusual Whales primarily centers on options contracts, especially the trades made by these financial giants. The platform offers a comprehensive view into the U.S. stock exchange, detailing the full options flow and its historical data for every listed ticker. This means that users can access every transaction and monitor the current trading day’s direction, assisting them in making more informed trading decisions.

The platform isn’t just about data, though. It boasts a thriving Discord community where both new and experienced options traders share insights, discuss strategies, and provide feedback. This feedback is crucial as the developers of Unusual Whales are actively engaged, always looking to refine and improve the platform’s tools.

Unusual Whales Features

  • Options Flow Feed: A comprehensive feed that showcases real-time large options orders, providing details like bullish or bearish sentiment, strike price, premium paid, and more.
  • Interactive Charting: Advanced charts and tools that allow users to quickly visualize order flow and identify past options activities, helping pinpoint potential trends.
  • Options Profit Calculator: A tool equipped with pre-built strategies, assisting traders in visualizing potential profits or losses based on specific trades.
  • Dark Pool Feed: Offers a unique perspective into the world of Dark Pool Options Trading, displaying essential details such as premium paid, contract price, and trade volume. It can be customized by ticker, premium range, and trade size.
  • In-Depth Intraday Options Analysis: Delivers insights into the day’s most active options chains, volumes, and interests by expiration date and strike price.
  • Unusual Options Activity Alerts: Algorithm-powered alerts that flag trades based on volatility or size. These alerts can be pushed instantly to user mobiles.
  • Real-Time News Feed: Keeps traders informed with the latest financial headlines, with filter options by ticker, industry, or news type.
  • Stock Screener: An options-focused screener with filters ranging from market cap and sector to put-call ratio, aiding traders in identifying potential stocks of interest.
  • Community and Discord: A bustling community on both the platform and its associated Discord channel, offering a space for traders to exchange ideas, strategies, and insights.
  • Politician Tracker: A unique “Politics” tab allowing users to monitor the trading activities of U.S. congresspeople, tapping into unconventional data.

Unusual Whales Pricing

Unusual Whales offers a Free Plan at no cost, which primarily provides users with limited features like public tweets to introduce them to the platform. For those looking to access the entire toolset, there’s a Paid Plan available at $48/month.

Those who commit to an annual subscription can avail of a reduced rate of $528/year, translating to an 8% discount or an effective rate of $44 per month.

Unusual Whales Reviews and Ratings

Let’s take a look at Unusual Whales reviews and ratings from actual users, to get a better idea of the customer experience.


January 26, 2022

There is no other flow platform that can match the speed, quality and accuracy of UW. It stands out because of the support, community and the free features that are usually charged a hefty sum at other places. Makes my manual effort 0 and automates my thought process to follow the flow

William Johnson

July 26, 2021

Very user friendly interface. Developer is very responsive and consistently updates to give you information you didn’t know you needed.

Tony D

November 11, 2021

Amazing service. Gives you so many features including the “flow” of stock activity. If you trade stocks, you NEED this (but make sure you study the material on how to use it first). I’m just waiting for the app to have the full features of the website counterpart

Final Thoughts

Unusual Whales stands out as an invaluable tool for those involved with options trading. With its comprehensive features and a pricing model that caters to both novices and seasoned traders, it offers insights that can truly make a difference in your trading journey.

Whether you’re analyzing dark pool trades or seeking real-time alerts, this platform promises a wealth of knowledge. Take your trading game to the next level and explore all that Unusual Whales has to offer. Click here to dive deeper.

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