Uprofit vs Earn2Trade 2024: Which prop trading firm is better?

Jeremy Biberdorf
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In the world of proprietary trading firms and trading education, Uprofit and Earn2Trade are two platforms that have garnered a significant following. Both companies provide comprehensive educational resources and funded trader programs for aspiring and experienced traders alike.

In this Uprofit vs Earn2Trade review, we will compare the two platforms across three factors: educational resources, funded trader programs, and pricing. Our goal is to provide an insightful comparison that helps you make an informed decision on which platform is best suited for your trading journey.

UProfit is Better for:Earn2Trade is Better for:
Trading Education and MentorshipProfessional-Grade Trading Simulators
Personalized Coaching and SupportFutures and Options Trading Education
Low-Cost Training and FundingAdvanced Trading Platform and Tools

By the end of this review, you will have a clear understanding of the offerings of each platform and be able to determine which is the better fit for your trading goals.

Uprofit Earn2Trade
Service Type Trading education and funded trading program Trading education and funded trading program
Fees Varies based on subscription level, starting at $197 - $397/month or $1,997 - $3,997/year Varies based on subscription level, starting at $225 - $325/month or $2,250 - $3,250/year
Customer Support Email and phone support for all members Email and phone support for all members
Best Use Traders who want to learn and trade using a funded account Traders who want to learn and trade using a funded account
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Factor 1: Educational Resources

Uprofit: Comprehensive Course Library

  • Earn2Trade: In-depth Trading Education and Webinars
  • Both platforms offer extensive educational resources


Uprofit offers a comprehensive course library, covering various trading topics such as technical analysis, risk management, and trading psychology. The platform’s educational resources are designed for traders at different experience levels, from beginners to advanced traders. Uprofit’s courses are structured in a manner that allows users to progress at their own pace, ensuring a thorough understanding of each topic.

Additionally, Uprofit provides a plethora of articles and blog posts on trading strategies, market analysis, and trading tools, which can be valuable resources for traders looking to expand their knowledge base.


Earn2Trade takes a more in-depth approach to trading education, offering an extensive range of resources, including trading courses, webinars, and video lessons. The platform’s educational content covers various aspects of trading, such as technical analysis, risk management, trading psychology, and algorithmic trading.

What sets Earn2Trade apart is its live webinars, which provide traders with an interactive learning experience. These webinars are conducted by experienced traders and industry professionals, offering insights and practical knowledge that can be directly applied to real-world trading situations.

Factor 2: Funded Trader Programs

Uprofit: Trader Development and Funding Opportunities

  • Earn2Trade: Gauntlet and Gauntlet Mini Programs
  • Both platforms provide traders with the opportunity to trade using proprietary capital


Uprofit offers a trader development program that aims to nurture and develop aspiring traders. Through this program, traders can access a structured learning path and personalized coaching from experienced traders. Once traders demonstrate consistent profitability and adherence to risk management principles, they become eligible for funding opportunities provided by Uprofit’s partner proprietary trading firms.


Earn2Trade offers two funded trader programs: the Gauntlet and the Gauntlet Mini. The Gauntlet is a 60-day trading evaluation during which traders must meet specific profit targets and risk management criteria to become eligible for funding. The Gauntlet Mini is a shorter, 30-day evaluation with similar requirements.

Upon successful completion of either program, traders become eligible to trade with a funded account provided by one of Earn2Trade’s partner proprietary trading firms. Earn2Trade’s funded trader programs are designed to identify and nurture talented traders while ensuring they develop the necessary skills and discipline to trade successfully in the long term.

Factor 3: Pricing

Uprofit: Flexible Pricing Options

  • Earn2Trade: Affordable Funded Trader Programs
  • Both platforms offer competitive pricing for their services


Uprofit offers flexible pricing options for its educational resources and trader development program. Traders can choose between monthly subscriptions, one-time payments for lifetime access, or customized packages tailored to their specific needs. While Uprofit’s pricing may appear higher than Earn2Trade’s at first glance, the platform’s comprehensive course library and personalized coaching can be valuable assets for traders looking to develop their skills.


Earn2Trade’s pricing is focused on its funded trader programs, with the Gauntlet priced at $429 for the 60-day evaluation and the Gauntlet Mini priced at $150 for the 30-day evaluation. While these prices may seem higher than some other funded trader programs, they offer exceptional value considering the quality of education and support provided by Earn2Trade. Additionally, once traders successfully complete the evaluations and receive funding, they can benefit from attractive profit-sharing arrangements with the proprietary trading firms.

Uprofit vs Earn2Trade: Our Summary

When comparing Uprofit and Earn2Trade, both platforms have unique strengths that cater to different trader needs and preferences.

Uprofit is an excellent choice for traders seeking a comprehensive course library and personalized coaching. The platform’s educational resources are designed to help traders develop their skills and knowledge at their own pace. Additionally, Uprofit’s trader development program offers funding opportunities through partnerships with proprietary trading firms.

Earn2Trade, on the other hand, excels in its in-depth trading education, live webinars, and structured funded trader programs. The Gauntlet and Gauntlet Mini evaluations provide a clear path for traders to prove their abilities and gain access to funded accounts. The platform’s webinars, led by experienced traders and industry professionals, offer practical knowledge and insights that can be applied directly to real-world trading situations.

You can sign up for Earn2Trade by clicking here.

While both Uprofit and Earn2Trade offer valuable educational resources and funding opportunities, our comparison leans towards Earn2Trade as the winner. The platform’s comprehensive educational content, interactive webinars, and well-structured funded trader programs make it an excellent choice for traders looking to develop their skills and access proprietary trading capital.

By choosing Earn2Trade, traders can benefit from a supportive and engaging learning environment that not only helps them grow as traders but also provides opportunities to trade with funded accounts from reputable proprietary trading firms.

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