Warrior Trading Review

Warrior Trading Review

Warrior Trading is a community of stock traders hosted by professional trader Ross Cameron.  Founded in 2012, Warrior Trading was born out of the need for transparent trading education and trade alerts.  The common theme in the online investing community is a chat room that delivers Buy/Sell trade alerts with little explanation of the reasons why the stock is set up for a Long or Short position.

This leaves traders forced to either blindly follow at their own risk or pass on the trade.  It’s often the amateur traders that blindly follow and experience losses.  This gives trading a bad name as so many new traders lose hundreds and thousands of dollars in the markets because they aren’t prepared with the education they need.  Warrior Trading, in contrast, is built on the foundation of providing education. Traders are called to success.

Ross teaches traders how to find trades so they can become independent, confident, and profitable traders.  The Warrior Trading chat room is a live audio and video feed into Ross’s office.  He provides people with the opportunity to reach success by allowing community members to watch his stock charts, scanners, and listen to him as he prepares his orders and provides explanations for his trades.

The Day Trading Chat Room

The Warrior Trading Chat Room is open 24 hours for members.  Beginning at 9 AM each morning, Ross begins pre-market analysis including reviewing stocks gapping up, earnings releases, press releases, and the daily economic calendar.  By 9:15 AM, the morning watch list is posted and ready for members to begin making decisions about which trades and setups they like.

Out of the gates, Ross focuses on buying the gappers that are moving with a good catalyst.  These stocks often squeeze out of the gates, pull back, and then set up for a secondary move.  Ross quickly moves in and out of these trades providing live commentary the whole time.

For beginner traders and advanced traders alike, this tick-by-tick commentary is an invaluable insight into the mind of a pro trader.  In an effort to provide the best possible service, Ross makes himself available throughout the trading day to answer questions.  Warrior Trading offers a 7 day trial on the Chat Room.

The Day Trading Courses

The Warrior Trading Course spans over 7 weeks and 32 hours (approximately 2 months) and covers all aspects of trading from beginner concepts on setting up charts and opening a brokerage account to more advanced day trading strategies for reading Level 2 and writing algorithmic scanners.

In keeping with the belief that every member should be able to understand the trades Ross takes in the chat room, he only trades based on the strategies he teaches in his 7 Week Trading Course.  Any chat room member that has questions about a trade can immediately refer to the written trading plan for that particular strategy.  This level of transparency and clarity is unheard of in the online trading community.

Ross left a career as an Architect to become a trader.  In architecture, the rules are fairly clear.  The process of becoming an architect is like many other professions.  Studying coursebooks, passing exams, and then following the clear rules and constraints laid out by building departments and design requests from clients.  Unfortunately, trading is rarely explained in a clear and focused way.

If you were to ask 100 different and successful traders to explain their strategies, they would each have a unique approach.  As an aspiring trader, this makes only serves to create confusion and a lack of direction.  Which approach should you try to learn?

After recognizing that common struggle among new traders Ross took his experience in architecture and began developing a master guide of written trading strategies including a clear set of buy and sell conditions.

After 3 weeks and 12 hours of course work, students move into the ‘Live Trading’ section of the Trading Course.  Each student is expected to begin paper trading in a demo account based on the strategies taught in the courses.

Each day when the market closes at 4 PM, students gather in the Trading Course Class Room to review trades from the day.  Ross shares his trades and students share their trades as well.  The Live Trading section of the course is designed to help students transition from course work to live trading.  The failure in many trading courses is that they provide education, but aren’t by your side when you begin trading.

This leaves many students who have completed a trading course unable to make the transition into successful trading.  To bridge the gap, the Warrior Trading Course spends 20 hours on intensive trade review.

Learn to Trade like a Warrior with a 7 Day Free Trial

Over the last 3 years, the business has grown to encompass Swing Trading, Day Trading, Reversal Trading, and Breakout Trading.  The community has grown to several hundred active members who all bring unique strategies and perspectives to the table.

Warrior Trading offers a 7 day trial on the Chat Room.  This gives traders the opportunity to test the waters before joining the monthly membership.

When you finish the trial and decide to take things further, always remember that money is but a small price to pay if you want to be truly successful and great in the trading business.

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