4 Smart Ways New Homeowners Can Safeguard Valuables

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Did you recently close on a new home and now are basking in the glow of home ownership? If so, we know the feeling and the sense of accomplishment your new dwelling provides. Next up is furnishing the house to make it a family home. Then comes decorating and so on.

However one thing you will also want to implement as soon as you can is to have security measures in place for your new home. Unfortunately with a new property, also comes the added pressure of keeping it safe and free of harm. The better security measures you have in place, the better your chances of escaping theft and or vandalism.

Let’s take a look at four smart ways new homeowners can do just that and keep their property and belongings safe from any and all possible deterrents.

1. Use Common Sense

We have to start here as time and time again we hear news reports of homeowners who were burglarized simply from not locking their doors and windows. The easier you make it for a would be intruder to easily and quickly get in, the higher your chances of something unfortunate happening. Don’t make it easy. Instead make it downright hard for anyone to enter your home other than from traditional methods. This includes patio doors, attic windows, basement, etc. It’s estimated that most break ins occur when you’re at work, and windows are a target by many intruders. So latch up and keep it all locked especially when you’re gone.

2. Camouflage What You Can

A newer trick that many savvy homeowners are now using is camouflaging some of their valuables. Such as using other items in the house to hide the more valuable pieces. For example, using an old beat up laptop and placing that clearly in display and placing out of sight the nicer and more expensive models. A decoy if you will. This is clever and a great way to deter and add time to a possible unfortunate entry. Anything you can do to deter a would be assailant is good. It’s also a good idea to add cameras to your home that do not look like a traditional camera, such as a book with a hidden camera or anything else that doesn’t look at all like it would be a digital remote camera. Then place them strategically throughout your home.

3. Get Home And Property Insurance

Sometimes keeping intruders out is out of your control and in this case, the next best thing to protect your valuable property is to have insurance in place. Home insurance is your protection and a way to save money on all your valuable gadgets and tech. Depending on the severity of a break in, the damage could easily and quickly add up and be quite costly to replace. It’s not easy to replace a series of laptops, television sets, smartphones or video game consoles; but having a good insurance policy in place will make it easier both for your sanity and your wallet. Seek the advice of an insurance agent locally offline or go online and get some quotes; just make sure you get the adequate coverage you need.

4. Use Your Tech Against Them

Did you know there are numerous apps, tools and software that you can download to make your equipment safer and even possibly returned to you. For smartphones, there are apps which you can download which will immediately lock the phone out, remove sensitive data and also track its location. These types of apps are easily found online or via your phone and can make the difference between never seeing your property again or possibly finding it and even catching criminals in the act. For laptops, there are tools and software you can download which will make your computer inactive, take pictures of anyone who tries to access or open it and also pinpoint its location. If you check police reports, you will see that many would be assailants are caught simply because someone was clever enough to add and use the apps mentioned in this article. Make your tech work for you and not against you – by finding ways to make it even more helpful than what they already are to us.

Hope the tips in this article have given you food for thought and alerted you to the ways you can protect your home and or property. By implementing some or all of these tips; you stand a better chance of keeping your valuables safe and or easily replacing them should the need arise. Hopefully you won’t need to.

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