3 Good Web Based Side Income Ideas For Smart Hustlers

This is the start of a weekly series focused on side income hustles. We could all use some extra income on the side. So be sure to check back each week for new ideas on how you too can make some money on the side.

The web has brought us unprecedented opportunities to make an income whether full time, part time and or on the side. The trick is to know where to look, and the various opportunities available. Ever since high speed internet made a splash some years ago, along with the advent of smartphones and now tablets – all heck has broken loose in the internet web work landscape.

You see the web is powered and advanced by a few key things; content, design and optimization. In any and all its various forms, a website needs these three things to exist and flourish. And as such properly trained individuals are needed to provide these key things, but it gets even better because these three key things are an ocean onto themselves with many smaller ponds and lakes branching out into related fields. For example, with the large overall field of web optimization comes the need for individuals trained and skilled in the smaller and niche area of search engine enhancement, with design comes usability and user engagement, and with content there’s a whole slew of niche areas to go into from there.

See three specific and detailed example web based side income niche ideas below. Agree? Disagree? Tell me in the comment area.

1. Social Media Growth And Management

With social media becoming an increasingly popular method for promoting just about anything someone would want to promote, it has become a mega career field in and of itself. Anyone can put together a Facebook fan page, bu only those trained and skilled in this area can actually make a successful, active and lead generating Facebook fan page machine. Whether you’re self taught in social media or went to a fancy pants school, results are what matter to a prospective client. Can you organically grow Twitter followers? Do you have a knack for user engagement on Facebook or Google Plus? Some people are naturally gifted at social media and if you happen to be one of these individuals, make no mistake about it – your skills are in HIGH demand. Create a blog and website and put the “For Hire” shingle out as soon as you can, because there’s an army of small business owners out there who desperately need your help and will gladly pay for the help.

This is a big money maker right now and the sooner you make it known that you’re available, the sooner you will start to gain clients and make more than a side income.

2. Facebook Timeline Designer

Ever since Facebook came out with the new Timelines design, this instantly created an opportunity for smart and creative designers to put out an APB on their clients needing fresh new designs. Since the Timeline covers and corresponding profiles were completely revamped with new sizes and placement, just about every Facebook fan page owner has had to adapt. No one is immune to the change. This is a prime opportunity for any and every web designer out there, including you. Let everyone you know that you’re offering custom Timeline design covers and get the word out via your blog and social networks. You might be pleasantly surprised by the interest in this super cool service and the smart clients coming your way. But you must charge appropriately, and this is mostly determined by your demand. If you have set up some sort of client lead system and you start getting hammered with clients, then you can pretty much charge what you want. But if you don’t have a client list or a client lead system, then lowered rates are your foot in the door and you should charge what the market tells you to charge. It doesn’t matter how awesome you are as a designer, if you have no clients, it doesn’t matter. You need clients, then you can name your price. Try out different price points and see which one sticks. Then go at it – full force.

3. Real Estate Web Content Writer

Notice I didn’t just mention web content writer, but I mentioned “real estate web content writer” and there’s a reason for this. Because with the internet being as large as it is, you need to niche your way to a client base. If you go after everyone, you’ll get no one. But if you tailor your message to a very specific group of people, then you’ll know how (and where) to market to them. Take for example, real estate professionals. Where do they tend to hang out online? What social networks do they belong to? What sort of web content would they most be interested in? You see what I’m getting at, marketing all of a sudden becomes way easier and smarter. If you’re a good writer, you’re in HIGH demand. Get that website or blog up as soon as humanly possible and start getting out there on the interwebs and get your name out there. All sorts of online business owners and web publishers – need your help.


It’s all about knowing your strengths, your current skill set and how you can adapt these to the web. There are millions and millions of website and blogs on the web, and they all need your help in one area or another. Get out there and stake your claim.

Reader Questions:

What are you currently doing on the web for income? What do you WANT to do for income, that is web-based? Tell me below in the comment area.

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