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July 12, 2021July 12, 2021


Day trading revolves around the strategy of purchasing and selling a stock on the same day. As you can well imagine, this is an exciting endeavor, but also one fraught with peril – perhaps that’s why day trading is so popular with Gen Z and young millennial investors: it’s all about exercising vitality, verve, and instinct.

To make the most out of your day trading, access is key. Mobile and desktop trading applications have not only democratized the stock market, but allow users to stay up to date on each and every price change occurring across the board. With the added benefits of stock charts, graphs, and indicators, day trading can be done successfully from just about anyone’s humble abode.

In an ever more clogged field, the question begs: which application is best tailored for active day trading? Robo-advisors are generally better suited for investors with a penchant for “buy-and-hold” strategies, and even stock picking services like The Motley Fool and Morningstar stress longevity and patience. What the day trader needs is a platform which facilitates fast and accessible moves while supporting full pre-market and after hour hours sessions.

When it comes to the white-hot, fast-paced atmosphere of day trading, Robinhood is undoubtedly one of the first names that comes to mind. And while Robinhood is a perfectly fine platform for most budding traders, there are bound to be those that want a little more out of their trading app.

We’ve found that Webull, founded by standout Chinese executive Wang Anquan, is a near perfect application for day trading. Though it lacks the ability to trade in mutual funds and bonds, it easily makes up for these shortcomings with features that will appeal to seasoned trader.

Rather than get into another general review of Webull, we will concentrate on elucidating those features which make it specifically appealing to day traders. Furthermore, we will shed light on just what it takes to make it as a freebooting, vivacious trader in a financial world moving at ever greater speeds.

Off-Hours Trading – A Main Component of Success

Webull facilitates full extended hours trading, which means you can wheel and deal before the trading day starts (4:00 AM – 9:30 AM ET) and well after it closes (4:00 PM – 8:00 PM ET). These are important windows for any day trader because crucial news stories are typically released within their time frames.

Success as a day trader is predicated on timeliness and instinct, or what can playfully be referred to as one’s ability to pounce. Trading “off-hours,” while historically more volatile, can give an active, dedicated trader the needed edge over the ordinary Joe who prefers sleeping in or doing something non-demanding after a long day’s work.

Off-hours trading is a little different than trading on the exchanges during regular hours. Instead of placing an order, one goes through an electronic communication network (ECN).

Margin Trading – Get In the Mix

Trading on margins is essentially the act of borrowing money from your broker to buy assets or securities.

The great thing about Webull in this respect is that one only needs $2,000 in cash to begin trading on margin. Compared to Robinhood, which requires the purchase of an advanced subscription to trade on margins, it’s a real bargain and show of faith on behalf of the folks at Webull.

Why trade on margin in the first place, and why is it important to day traders specifically? There are a couple of good reasons. For example, if you have a bead on a “must purchase” stock and don’t quite have the requisite funds, trading on margins allows you to effectively borrow money to immediately buy it. This ensures that day traders can always be active, operating in the here and now.

Since day traders are likely to possess a heightened awareness when dealing with the daily ups and downs of the market, margin investing can be highly advantageous when we can anticipate a stock’s rise – this way, a savvy investor can “beat” any interest rate the loan entails.

And speaking of interest rates: Webull’s are competitive and fair. An investor with less than $25,000 in their account is still only charged 6.99% against their margin purchases.

Charts and Graphs – Intelligence That Matters

Intelligence and data is another integral component to successful day trading ventures. With many advanced charting types available through Webull, such as candlesticks, bar charts, and line charts, day traders using this platform can easily keep their feet on the ground and their legs churning.

In addition to the charts and indicators that Webull offers, users also gain access to a robust stock screener. With the ability to filter by region, market cap, and earnings per share, day traders can keep everything that matters in clear sight.

The Perfect Match

Webull makes day trading simple and more accessible than ever. Easier to use than most other trading platforms, Webull combines a user-friendly approach with advanced features. While Robinhood is noted for its sheer ease of use, Webull is not far behind, and offers a wider range of tools and options than the former.

All in all, Webull’s product profile matches the general needs of intermediate to advanced day traders. Not to lapse into the tired jargon of advertising, it’s a real match made in heaven.

For more information about Webull, see our Webull review.

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