What Can Zombies Teach You About Online Degrees? How to Take a Bite Out of Credentialism

In today’s international, contemporary society, dogs no longer consume each other; it is now your competition for a lucrative job opening, those are the people to keep under you watchful gaze. Presently, there is undoubtedly a connection between your paycheck and contentment; individuals who receive an excellent living wage are frequently more satisfied with their day-to-day existence than those who struggle to get by.

Having some extra cash will definitely enhance your life by supplying the additional food items we crave, the accessories we can actually do without but really want, and the luxuries we amass in our homes. So how do we land that job that allows us to earn a good living?

Demonstrate that you are the ideal prospect and in so doing, outperform your competitors. Commonly quite a few aspects of who you are on paper are taken into consideration whenever managers recruit, retain, or promote a worker. Typically decisions are based upon your credentials, supposedly summing you up as a worker.

Enter credentialism, the creepy type.

Credentials simply put are your qualifications to hold a certain position or be held in a certain esteem. Where did you go to school? How far did you go in school? Who mentored you? What experiences do you have? So Zombies?

Chuck Klosterman’s 2010 NYT’s article discussed the rather undead feel of modern life, its uncanny resemblance to the act of daily zombie slaughtering by an online assassin.  The modern zombie being in part an aggressive, reanimated human corpse, is almost the spitting image of the modern job hunter.

You, Me and Credentialism: The Truth

So what is credentialism really? Well it begins with the belief in formalized certification as a truth serum. For any of us to ascertain a person’s authority to perform or communicate as a specialist in a specific niche, we look to the person’s credentials. The truth of the individual lies in the formal certificates they hold, such as a diploma, degree, professional designation; but this is where it gets creepy.

Credentialism exists as a type of one-up-man-ship event between pompous ogres. Applicants for an employment opportunity battle one another by attempting to arrive at an employer’s doorstep with a higher level credential. Although not truly necessary for the work to be done, this competition somehow produces an actual rise in what employers look for in an applicant’s qualifications.

A credentialism example. A high-school diploma was all that was necessary in the early 1900s to be a teacher or principal, present day professional occupations. A successful climb up the corporate ladder, in many instances, right to the very top, as simply a high-school graduate.

So what happened? As the babies boomed and industry revolutionized, high-school diplomas suddenly found themselves in competition with bachelor degrees, and losing. Creepy!

The Online Education Secret

Continuing education is part of a teacher’s professional life. Additional qualifications improves a teacher’s designation and pay rate. Online learning is a superb alternative to conventional studies for teachers unable to spare the time and money of the traditional classroom. There are no masters programs obtainable in a summer, making online education for working professionals an advantage. A teacher enrols in an online masters programs in education, and gains a credential generally required to be a principal.

Online courses allow students to gain access to course materials and engage in discussions when they are available. This flexibility helps students balance classes with demanding work and household schedules. Never will a traffic jam, a parking headache or unpleasant bad weather be a worry as you make your way to class.

Online courses remove the added cost of travelling, car parks, baby-sitting, and activity fees.  Online college courses can provide an affordable, convenient and quality education if presented by a respectable, credited college or university. On an aside, there still is the issue of student of student debt and credit; check out our article on credit.

Through online courses, the use of pencils, notebooks and even course texts come to be non-existent. The whole thing is online and is easy to access with the click of a mouse. Simply stated, online education costs less.

Get rid of your Credentialism Problem Once and For All – Online degrees to the Rescue, Zombie style

Can the undead feel of daily living revive with a lesson from the book of Zombies? Yes!

Take your ‘corpse’ and aggressively pursue the higher education needed to battle the creeping credentialism ogre. You know, the ogre that blocks the path to your dream job, with an equally dreamy salary. A higher education degree will bite the creep of credentialism, stimulate your brain, and get you to the front of the line. Caution! Zombies gone wild ahead!

Look again to our classroom teacher considering a few online online masters programs in education such as the ones at Gwynedd Mercy University to learn once again, about this working professional’s dilemma. An online degree program allows them to attend school without the time consumed by in-class course work. This permits them to continue teaching their students while gaining the credentials to compete aggressively with other teachers also looking to move up the educational administration position ladder.

So what can Zombies teach you about online degrees? Well no matter how undead your current lot in life leaves you feeling, be a good Zombie and use an online educational program to bite back at the creeping credentialism ogre. You are saving money as well as working your way to better wages.

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