What is Barchart? Decoding the Ultimate Tool for Investors

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September 7, 2023September 7, 2023

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In today’s fast-paced trading environment, staying ahead of the curve is critical for investors and traders alike. That’s where Barchart comes into play. Established as a leading online market research platform, Barchart is a one-stop shop for many market-related needs. From the self-directed investor looking for long-term strategies to the day trader needing real-time data, the platform aims to serve a diverse user base with varied investment goals.

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of stocks, commodities, and indices requires practical tools and real-time information. Barchart provides these through various features, including technical charts, customizable screeners, market news, historical data, and even their unique “Barchart Opinion,” which advises buying, holding, or selling an asset based on intricate algorithms.

But that’s just scratching the surface. This article’s focus will go beyond, answering the question, “What is Barchart?” Whether an active trader or a long-term investor, reviewing Barchart offers can be a game-changer.

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History of Barchart

Barchart started in 1995, when the Internet began reshaping industries, including finance and trading. The platform emerged as a pioneer in providing market data and analytics online. Over the years, it has continued to evolve, keeping pace with technological advancements and market demands.

The company had a straightforward yet ambitious vision: to make market data accessible, reliable, and valuable for traders and investors. While detailed information about the founders is relatively private, it is clear that they were forward-thinkers who recognized early on the potential of the digital sphere to revolutionize trading. They aimed to create a platform catering to seasoned professionals and newcomers.

This vision has proven successful, as Barchart is now a go-to resource for many users— from day traders to long-term investors. The platform’s continuous commitment to providing accurate and timely market information has earned it a strong reputation for reliability. Moreover, its focus on offering a wide array of tools and data fields has ensured it stays relevant and continues to meet the diverse needs of its user base.

Understanding the history and founders of Barchart adds another layer to appreciating what the platform brings to the table. Their early and ongoing dedication to making market research more approachable and comprehensive sets Barchart apart in a crowded field.

Who Can Benefit from Barchart?

The answer reveals a broad spectrum of beneficiaries when pondering the question, “What is Barchart useful for?”. The platform is not restricted to a single type of investor or trader; it has something for everyone, thanks to its extensive range of features and data offerings.

For self-directed investors who prefer managing their portfolios without external advice, Barchart provides the autonomy they crave. Its advanced screeners, historical data, and technical charts allow them to analyze and choose assets based on well-informed decisions.

Day traders, often reliant on moment-to-moment data and trends, will find Barchart’s real-time market updates and alerts invaluable. Customizing screeners for specific time frames or asset types can be a significant asset for those looking to make quick yet well-informed trading decisions.

Swing traders operate on a slightly longer timeframe than day traders but still require timely information. They can benefit from the platform’s technical indicators and predictive tools like “Barchart Opinion.” These help identify potential price movements from a few days to several weeks.

Long-term investors are included, too. The platform’s extensive historical data from 1980 and various charting tools offer valuable insights for those looking to hold assets over an extended period. Such investors can dig deep into trends, explore various sectors, and even receive market news to stay updated on factors that could influence their long-term holdings.

Barchart casts a wide net, welcoming users from multiple trading and investing disciplines.

Barchart’s Pricing Structure

The pricing strategy of Barchart caters to a broad spectrum of users, from beginners to seasoned traders. The platform offers a free version with limited but useful features for those testing the waters. This free tier grants access to market data, news, Barchart Opinion, and basic screeners. However, it’s important to note that the free version has constraints. Users are limited to saving just five custom screeners or watchlists. Plus, the experience includes ads, although they are relatively non-intrusive.

For those who want to dive deeper into market analysis and research, Barchart offers premium memberships that unlock the full array of features. The Premium membership has three different billing options to fit various budget needs. The monthly plan costs $29.99. However, significant savings are available for those who opt for longer-term commitments, with the yearly plan costing $16.67 per month and the 2-year plan at $15.33 per month. It’s crucial to mention that these long-term plans require upfront payment.

The premium membership eliminates all the limitations of the free version, offering features like historical data, auto-emailed screener results, Top Picks, and advanced real-time price alerts. The premium plans provide compelling value for traders and investors who rely on thorough analysis and quick, accurate information.

In summary, Barchart’s pricing and plans provide a flexible structure that can meet the needs of a diverse user base.


Barchart is a comprehensive market research platform suitable for diverse users. Its broad offering of interactive charts, custom screeners, and real-time market news empowers users to make well-informed trading decisions. The platform’s free tier offers an admirable range of features, making it a robust starting point for those new to trading or those on a budget.

Barchart Premier elevates the experience to a new level for those seeking more. Beyond the basics, it allows users to customize their homepage, chart, and alert templates. It also offers extras like Top Stock Picks to assist in identifying potential market winners. The additional features add value to your trading journey, making the modest investment in a premium membership justifiable.

In summary, Barchart’s value proposition is clear: it provides a wide array of tools and data to guide your trading or investing journey. With its scalable pricing plans, Barchart is not just another market research platform but a comprehensive financial companion that grows with you.

Ready to make a well-informed decision about your trading future? Check out Barchart for yourself and explore the wealth of resources it has to offer.

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