What is Behind the Markets? A Comprehensive Review

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August 10, 2023August 10, 2023

Behind the Markets

Are you an investor interested in finding the perfect subscription service for monthly stock picks? Have you asked yourself, “What is Behind the Markets?” Then you’re in the right place!  In this Behind the Markets review, we dive into what has made this subscription service so popular among investors.

Behind the Markets is an affordable subscription service, founded by Dylan Jovine, that sends you monthly stock picks. Jovine, with his extensive industry experience, has crafted Behind the Markets to be a newsletter offering subscribers stock recommendations, trade alerts, and bonus reports, focusing on identifying mid-cap companies with potential growth.

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What Does Behind the Markets Offer?

When attempting to delve into “What is Behind the Markets?”, one must comprehend that it is not a mere stock suggestion service that provides a monthly stock pick, but it’s a comprehensive platform that offers a multifaceted approach to investment research and financial guidance. Its offerings include:

  • A monthly detailed newsletter: Behind the Markets furnishes subscribers with a detailed report that explicates the merits of a new stock pick each month. This report provides insight into why a particular mid-cap stock has been selected, focusing on undervalued yet promising businesses that larger investors may overlook. This cautious investment strategy is targeted towards creating wealth over the long term.
  • Weekly stock tips: A notable feature of the service is the weekly emails that subscribers receive containing additional stock ideas. These emails ensure that investors are constantly updated with new opportunities, helping them navigate the ever-changing stock market with up-to-date recommendations from seasoned experts.
  • Special Reports: These reports could encompass a wide range of topics, potentially including specific industries like technology and biotech, or broader market trends and global events that could impact the investment climate

Subscription Plans

Behind the Markets is a reputable subscription service that provides three distinctive subscription tiers for its users, each aimed at catering to varying investment needs, ranging from $39-$99. This service, under the adept leadership of Dylan Jovine, offers its subscribers monthly stock picks and enables them to gain access to numerous bonus reports depending on their subscription tier. The service prioritizes affordability in pricing to cater to a wide range of investors.

Regardless of the tier of subscription, every member is privy to a monthly newsletter and weekly trade ideas, a feature that differentiates the subscription levels, however, is the number of special reports included in each membership. For example, the highest tier subscription offers an impressive 10 free bonus reports along with free weekly editorials and monthly newsletters, which have an estimated annual value of $800.

Furthermore, Behind the Markets follows a rigorous investment strategy. This strategy involves looking for stocks that may be trading at a considerable discount relative to the intrinsic value of the businesses they represent. It focuses on companies with market capitalizations ranging from $1 billion to $10 billion, boasting high returns on equity, low debt, and a durable competitive advantage. This holistic approach has earned the newsletter a solid reputation.

Trust and Performance

To understand the track record of “Behind the Markets,” a stock-picking service founded by Dylan Jovine, it’s important to note that the platform was launched in 2018 with the aim of focusing on undervalued mid-cap stocks – those often overlooked in favor of larger stocks.

Since its inception, “Behind the Markets” has maintained a consistent performance level, one that has been closely aligned with the S&P 500’s results. To appreciate this achievement, one must consider the challenges that the stock market experienced during this period, such as significant volatility in 2018, a massive dip in 2022 where the S&P 500 finished down nearly 20%, and various economic uncertainties in 2018.

These market trends underscore the value of a service like “Behind the Markets,” which could match the S&P 500’s performance, despite turbulent times. Furthermore, Jovine and his team’s strategy of focusing on mid-cap stocks with a market cap of $1-$10 billion and looking for fundamentally strong companies that have low debt and high return on capital proved to be effective. Some of the stock picks curated by the service even saw gains of more than 100%, highlighting the potential for significant returns. Yet, it’s crucial to remember that not every stock picked will be a winner, and investing in the stock market always carries inherent risks.

What is Behind the Markets: Wrapping Up

If you’re an investor ready to make long-term gains, Behind the Markets could be an excellent tool for you. With its regular stock picks, special reports, and more, this service aims to keep you ahead in the game.

So, the next time someone asks you “What is Behind the Markets?”, you’ll be able to tell them all about this unique stock picking subscription service. If you are interested in learning more about Jovine’s approach, you can sign up for a subscription here.

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