What is the Earn2trade Gauntlet Mini?

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September 5, 2023September 5, 2023


In the intricate landscape of the trading industry, beginners and experienced traders alike often find themselves navigating  an overabundance of choices. The question often arises: How does one not only enhance trading skills but also showcase them to a proprietary trading firm, potentially paving the way for a promising career?

Earn2Trade, a revered trading education company, specializing in offering aspirants a platform to hone their trading knowledge, especially in the futures markets. For many, the trading business is not just about the trade itself; it’s about the progression ladder, the growth potential, and the opportunities each trading day presents.

In response, Earn2Trade introduced the Gauntlet Mini- a unique evaluation program, simulating real-world trading scenarios and rules, and pushing traders to meet a certain profit goal. It’s not merely about mastering trading strategies; it’s about efficient risk management, understanding market trends, and refining one’s trading style. And, it’s a chance to get a funded trading account without using one’s own capital, which, for many, is an essential tool in the trading journey.

So, whether you’re an intraday trader taking the market pulse every single day or someone aspiring for a consistent performance, understanding the Earn2Trade Gauntlet Mini could be a step towards merging your ambitions with actual trading opportunities.

Continue reading this Earn2trade review to explore its offerings, and chart your course in the financial markets. Your trading journey awaits.
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What is Earn2Trade?

Earn2Trade, established in 2017 in the USA, is a recognized player in the futures trader funding sector. They’ve consistently evolved, updating their futures funding program in 2021 and introducing a Career Path program in 2022.

The firm offers two main programs for aspiring traders: the Trader Career Path Program and the Gauntlet Mini. Beyond just training, Earn2Trade also operates as a bridge to proprietary trading firms. They identify top-performing traders and provide opportunities to manage funded accounts, some worth up to $200,000.

Originally set up by two Commodity Trading Advisors and a university professor, Earn2Trade has since seen a change in leadership. Today, a team of seasoned traders and educators run the show, all committed to supporting and funding the next generation of traders.

What is the Earn2Trade Gauntlet Mini?

The Gauntlet Mini is a product introduced by Earn2Trade in August 2019. The primary goal? Prove your trading skills over 15 days, and you can earn a funded trading account.

The cost? It depends on the size of the funded trading account you’re aiming for:

  • $25,000 account: $150/month
  • $150,000 account: $350/month

If you opt for the $25,000 challenge and pay $150 for the first month, your goal is to reach a profit of $1,750 while sticking to the rules. If successful, you’ll get a funded trading account through Earn2Trade’s partner. Subscribers to the Gauntlet Mini also receive bonuses, including free access to the Beginner Crash Course (usually $249), a trading simulator, and the Journalytix reporting tool.

Earn2Trade Gauntlet Mini Features

  • Earn2Trade Dashboard: After registration, the dashboard is your portal. From here, navigate to all the platform’s critical sections with ease.
  • Charts With News Mark: Thanks to Finamark Systems, basic charting is available. This includes chart types and various indicators. A notable addition? Important dates, like the UK’s Brexit vote, are flagged, keeping traders informed about major events and potential market reactions.
  • Depth of Market: A standout feature! Get Level 2 data with your subscription. Add the DOM to your platform, and better yet, dive into one-click trading—either directly from the chart or by hitting the prices in the DOM.
  • Chart Types: Surprise your trading instincts by toggling the series type. Choose from time-charts (like a 5-minute one), tick charts, volume charts, or even range charts.
  • Order Ticket: One-click or deep dive? Both are possible. For intricate orders, utilize the order ticket with its simple or advanced modes. The bonus? You can immediately gauge the margin and commission for the intended trade.
  • Trading Software: Choices matter. Opt for the advanced Finmark software or the widely-acclaimed NinjaTrader. But remember, going out of pocket for this software might cost between $75-125.
  • Data: The package price includes access to real-time data. This allows trading across a range: indexes, interest rate products, metals, and even energy products. To put this into perspective, similar data can cost upwards of $55 with other online brokers.
  • Personalized Educational Materials: Dive into a vast collection of videos, webinars, and trading lessons. Craft your unique trading style by integrating insights from these resources.
  • Journalytix: Pegged at a $78 value, this top-tier trading journal application allows logging performance across a plethora of parameters. The main game? Enhancing real-time trading performance by analyzing past strategies and mindsets.

Final Thoughts

Earn2Trade’s Gauntlet Mini emerges as more than just a trading tool—it’s an ecosystem tailored for traders at every level. Whether you’re a novice trying to navigate the complexities of trading or a seasoned trader aiming to refine strategies, the Gauntlet Mini offers features that cater to every need.

The real-time data access, coupled with state-of-the-art trading software options, provides a technological edge. Meanwhile, the educational materials and Journalytix tracking ensure continuous growth and introspection.

In an ocean of trading platforms, the Gauntlet Mini stands out as an island of comprehensive resources and user-centric features. If you’re seeking to elevate your trading journey and ready to embark on a professional trajectory, there’s hardly a more compelling starting point. Click here to explore the Gauntlet Mini’s potential for your trading aspirations.

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