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April 21, 2023April 21, 2023


FinViz, short for Financial Visualizations, is a powerful online stock market analysis platform designed to provide investors with advanced charts, real-time data, and intuitive screening tools for individual stocks, stock tickers, and the broader stock market. In this article, we will dive into the features, offerings, and key elements that make FinViz stand out from other stock market analysis platforms, making it a popular choice among advanced investors and those looking to refine their trading strategies.
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Platform Overview: FinViz’s Unique Offerings and Features

FinViz offers a wide range of features, including interactive charts, technical indicators, stock screeners, heatmaps, real-time quotes, news feeds, and email alerts. The platform’s intuitive design allows users to quickly and easily access the tools they need to analyze individual stocks, identify trading opportunities, and track market trends.

One of the standout features of FinViz is its FinViz Elite subscription plan, which provides users with additional benefits and tools, such as real-time market data, advanced charts with more technical indicators, backtesting capabilities, correlation tracking, and email alerts for stock price changes, news events, and more. The FinViz Elite subscription costs $24.96/month.

With an annual subscription, Elite users gain access to powerful tools that can help them make more informed trading decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Advanced Charts and Technical Indicators

FinViz offers a variety of chart types, including daily charts, bar charts, and candlestick charts, allowing users to visualize and analyze stock price movements using their preferred charting style. The platform also provides a comprehensive selection of technical indicators and studies, enabling users to apply various trading strategies and identify potential entry and exit points.

Interactive charts allow users to customize their view by adding trendlines, annotations, and other visual aids to help them better understand price movements and identify patterns.

Stock Screeners and Filters

FinViz’s stock screener is one of the platform’s most powerful features, enabling users to filter through thousands of stocks based on various criteria, such as market capitalization, average volume, insider trading activity, and more. The screener offers descriptive, technical, and fundamental filters, allowing users to narrow down their list of stocks to those that meet their specific investment criteria.

With the FinViz Elite plan, users can also access real-time data, helping them identify opportunities and trends as they unfold in the market. Additionally, the platform offers a proprietary correlation algorithm that helps users identify stocks with similar price movements or characteristics, making it easier to build diversified portfolios.

Who Is FinViz For?

It can be useful for different types of investors, but it’s particularly well-suited for:

  • Day Traders: Finviz provides real-time data, charts, and technical indicators that can help day traders make quick and informed decisions. It also offers a heat map feature that visually highlights stocks with significant price movements and volume changes throughout the trading day.
  • Swing Traders: The platform’s screening and filtering tools can help swing traders identify potential short-term trade opportunities based on technical and fundamental criteria. The platform also offers chart pattern recognition tools that can help these traders spot technical setups.
  • Value Investors: Finviz’s fundamental stock screener allows value investors to filter stocks based on various financial ratios and metrics, such as price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio, debt-to-equity ratio, and dividend yield. This can help them find undervalued stocks that meet their investment criteria.
  • Growth Investors: The stock screener also allows growth investors to filter stocks based on growth-related criteria like revenue growth, earnings growth, and projected future growth. This can help them find companies with strong growth potential.
  • Technical Analysts: Finviz offers numerous technical analysis tools, such as chart pattern recognition, trend lines, and various technical indicators. This can help technical analysts identify potential entry and exit points for trades based on technical setups.

Although Finviz can be helpful to a wide range of investors, it may be less suitable for long-term, buy-and-hold investors who rely primarily on in-depth fundamental analysis and are less concerned with real-time market data and short-term technical analysis. Additionally, while Finviz offers a free version with limited features, some of its advanced tools are only available with a paid subscription, which might not be suitable for casual investors or those with a limited budget.

News Feeds, Email Alerts, and Market Insights

FinViz provides users with access to real-time news feeds from reputable sources like the Wall Street Journal and other financial news outlets, helping them stay informed about market developments and company-specific news. The platform also offers email alerts, enabling users to receive notifications when there are significant changes in stock prices, unusual volume, or other noteworthy events.

For Elite users, FinViz offers additional features like insider trading alerts and institutional ownership data, providing valuable insights into the activities of major market players.

Futures Markets and Other Features

FinViz doesn’t stop at stock analysis; the platform also offers tools for analyzing futures markets, including a Futures tab with charts and data on various futures contracts. This feature enables users to track trends and identify potential trading opportunities in commodities, currencies, and other futures markets.

What is FinViz – Final Thoughts

FinViz is a comprehensive stock market analysis platform that offers advanced charts, real-time data, and powerful screening tools to help investors make informed trading decisions. Its user-friendly interface, combined with a wide range of features and insights, makes it an ideal choice for both new and experienced investors looking to refine their trading strategies and stay ahead of the market.

With its FinViz Elite subscription plan, the platform provides even more powerful tools and features, such as real-time market data, additional technical indicators, and email alerts for stock price changes, news events, and more. By offering access to features like insider trading activity and institutional ownership data, FinViz Elite enables users to gain valuable insights into the actions of major market players, helping them make more informed investment decisions.

Whether you’re a swing trader, a long-term investor, or someone looking to explore new trading strategies, FinViz offers a wealth of information and tools to help you navigate the stock market and identify potential opportunities. With its commitment to providing advanced investors with the tools they need to succeed, FinViz has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy platform for stock market analysis.

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