What is Modern Money?

Behind-the-scenes, wealthy policy makers are engaged in a serious cash debate to determine the future of money & payment systems. Modern money consists of gold, paper currency, electronic digits, derivatives and basically anything that will be accepted for exchange. But in order to be “real money,” the payment system must have the quality of being a “store of wealth” also.

Hyperinflation is the death of a currency.

In Brazil, the price of beans is sky-rocketing. In Canada, the price of cereal is increasing. In England, everything is increasing after the June 24, 2016 Brexit chaos dropped the British pound to record lows last seen in the 1970s. What is happening?

Brexit may signal the failure of the present United States dollar paper fiat currency money payment system. This was established in 1948 at the Bretton Woods Conference. Now, even the English have had enough. Why?

Recurring Economic Crises

In 2008, the global bankers told the world that the Credit Crunch threatened the entire Capitalist system. The citizens bailed out the top banks to save their “Paper Ponzi schemes.” Did it work?

In 2008, Lloyds Banking was bailed out by the United Kingdom, which took a 43% share. After all of these bailouts, the July 1, 2016 share price for Lloyds was actually lower than when it was bailed out. In financial circles, this is called throwing good money after bad.

Gold is Inflation-Proof

Economic crises / policy / order do not discriminate – they harm everyone. Weimar Republic Germany, Zimbabwe and Venezuela are modern examples of citizens seeing their life savings destroyed by hyperinflation. The cash debate is raging.

Why don’t wealthy people lose all their money?

Central banks and rich people own gold so that their wealth is preserved. Central banks hold imperishable gold bars and give you a perishable paper IOU. Gold does not rust, it is practically indestructible.

Gold Protects Wealth

Gold is a precious metal (commodity). When inflation strikes, commodities naturally increase. Investors purchase gold as a hedge, protecting their wealth against inflation because it will increase and offset the losses caused by inflation.

Also, gold protects against deflation. When all other assets fall to nothing, the imperishable gold still has value.

Gold Stores Wealth

If you want to become wealthy, you should learn from the wealthy. What do rich people own? Gold bars. Gold Karatbars level the playing field.

My name is Harald Seiz and I am the CEO of Karatbars International GmbH. For years, I have been helping clients protect their wealth by purchasing Karatbars. Brexit was a warning siren.

Recurring economic crises will not vanish – those with perishable paper assets might lose everything. If you hold Gold Karatbars, then your wealth will be as imperishable as gold. Learn from the wealthy: gold provides good, solid wealth protection.