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RealtyMogul is a real estate crowdfunding platform that has revolutionized the real estate investment landscape, making it easier for both accredited and non-accredited investors to invest in institutional-quality real estate opportunities.
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Company Background

RealtyMogul is a real estate crowdfunding platform that was founded in 2012 by Jilliene Helman, Justin Hughes, and Helman’s father, Brian Helman. The idea for the company came about when Jilliene Helman was working in commercial real estate finance and noticed the difficulty that individual investors faced when trying to invest in larger real estate projects.

The company quickly gained attention in the real estate and tech industries, and in 2013, RealtyMogul became one of the first companies to successfully crowdfund a real estate deal. By 2014, the company had raised over $10 million in venture capital funding, which allowed them to expand their platform and hire more employees.

RealtyMogul has since become one of the largest real estate crowdfunding platforms in the United States, with over 200,000 registered investors and over $1 billion in funded projects. The company has also expanded its offerings beyond traditional crowdfunding to include private placements and real estate investment trusts (REITs).

One of the key factors that sets RealtyMogul apart from other crowdfunding platforms is their focus on due diligence and investor protection. The company conducts extensive research and analysis on potential investments and only allows a select few to be offered on their platform. They also offer a variety of educational resources to help investors make informed decisions and mitigate risk.

In addition to their investment offerings, RealtyMogul has also developed a suite of technology tools to help streamline the real estate investment process. Their platform allows investors to easily browse and invest in projects, as well as manage their portfolio and track performance.

Investment Options

RealtyMogul’s platform provides access to a diverse range of commercial real estate projects across the United States, offered by various real estate companies referred to as Sponsors.

  • Apartment buildings
  • Office spaces
  • Retail properties
  • Industrial buildings
  • Mixed-use properties
  • Ground-up development projects
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Cold storage buildings
  • Mobile home parks

In addition to investing in individual properties, RealtyMogul members can also invest in two non-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) for potential passive income. These REITs are the Income REIT and the Apartment Growth REIT, both of which offer members access to a portfolio of properties.

These investment options allow investors to diversify their portfolios and choose the investment type that best suits their needs and preferences. With a focus on due diligence and investor protection, RealtyMogul’s investment offerings have become a popular choice for those looking to invest in the commercial real estate industry.

Benefits of Using RealtyMogul

RealtyMogul’s platform provides numerous benefits to its members, including:

  • Access to institutional-quality real estate opportunities: RealtyMogul enables investors to access commercial real estate investments that were once reserved for large institutions and high-net-worth individuals.
  • Diversification: By providing access to multiple real estate companies, the platform enables investors to diversify their portfolio through a range of commercial debt and equity investments.
  • Efficient investment process: RealtyMogul’s technology and software, developed by Justin Hughes, streamline the investment process, allowing members to screen investment offerings online, sign legal documents electronically, and access all their documents in one place on their member dashboard.
  • Transparency and information: Members can sort through opportunities, review detailed information provided by real estate companies, and review the performance of past investments.
  • Passive income potential: By investing in RealtyMogul’s non-traded REITs, members have the opportunity to earn passive income from a diversified portfolio of real estate assets.
  • Minimum investment requirements: RealtyMogul’s platform allows investors to make initial investments with relatively low minimum investment amounts.

How RealtyMogul Works

RealtyMogul’s platform offers a simple, user-friendly experience for its members. The process of investing in real estate through RealtyMogul can be broken down into the following steps:

  • Create an account: Prospective investors must first create an account on the RealtyMogul website.
  • Browse investment offerings: Members can browse the available investment offerings presented by various real estate companies.
  • Conduct due diligence: Investors are responsible for conducting their own evaluation and due diligence of the investment opportunities. Detailed information, including financials and property details, is provided by the real estate companies.
  • Invest: Once an investment decision has been made, members can sign legal documents securely online and transfer funds to the designated escrow account.
  • Monitor investments: Upon making an investment, members are granted round-the-clock access to their member dashboard, enabling them to monitor the performance of their investments and receive consistent updates from the real estate companies.

Is RealtyMogul Legit?

RealtyMogul has a strong track record, having been in business since 2012. With over $1BN invested by its members and real estate companies raising capital to finance 350+ properties valued at over $5.9 Billion, RealtyMogul has established itself as a reputable platform in the real estate investment industry.

The platform’s commitment to transparency and providing detailed information on investment opportunities allows investors to make informed decisions. Additionally, RealtyMogul’s user-friendly interface and technology make the investment process more efficient and secure.

While past performance is not indicative of future results, RealtyMogul’s platform has facilitated several successful real estate investments. And they are very transparent about these results on their website for any interested investors

What is RealtyMogul: Final Thoughts

RealtyMogul is a technology platform that has made it easier for individuals to access and invest in commercial real estate opportunities. The platform offers a wide variety of investment options, including individual deals and non-traded REITs. With numerous benefits such as access to institutional-quality real estate, diversification, efficiency, transparency, and the potential for passive income, RealtyMogul is a valuable resource for investors looking to add real estate to their portfolios.

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As with any investment, it is crucial for investors to conduct their own due diligence and seek professional advice before committing their funds. RealtyMogul’s track record, commitment to transparency, and user-friendly platform make it a legitimate and attractive option for those interested in commercial real estate investing.

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