What To Know Before Signing Up To Humbled Trader – Everything Shay Huang’s Platform Has To Offer

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December 7, 2023December 7, 2023

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In my following Humbled Trader review, I’ll explore what you should know before signing up to Humbled Trader, a platform designed for both novice and experienced day traders. Founded in 2019 by Shay Huang, a notable YouTuber, Humbled Trader provides a range of educational resources and fosters a supportive trading community.

The platform aims to assist traders in developing their skills and refining their trading strategies. Whether Humbled Trader is the right fit for you depends on your specific trading preferences and objectives. This review will give you insights into what Humbled Trader offers, helping you decide if it’s the right choice for your trading needs.
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What to Know Before Signing up to Humbled Trader

There are many key facts we need to know before deciding on whether to sign up to Humbled Trader. The price, benefits, and drawbacks are all of the utmost importance, but let’s start with a general overview of what Humbled Trader is.

What is Humbled Trader?

The Humbled Trader Academy, founded and led by Shay Huang, is an acclaimed online platform dedicated to teaching the intricacies of day trading in the stock market. Initially starting as a YouTube channel, it has evolved into a comprehensive website offering a range of educational resources. Huang, a full-time day trader, enriches the platform with her unique blend of entertaining and educational content.

The Academy boasts a community of over 1,200 online members and more than 500,000 followers actively engaging with over 200 video tutorials available on YouTube. These resources encompass live streams, one-on-one coaching sessions, interactive chat rooms, and an exclusive member-only Discord channel. The educational content of Humbled Trader includes a vast library of over 500 pre-recorded day-trading training videos, focusing on a variety of trading tactics and strategies.

Humbled Trader Pricing

Let’s get started with the pricing, as it is likely the most important aspect to know before signing up for any budget conscious investors. Humbled Trader presents an effective and comprehensive platform for learning day trading, albeit with a significant price tag.

The pricing model is clear and direct, involving an annual fee of $1,870, which grants complete access for a year. This single-tier pricing approach is refreshingly simple compared to other day-trading services that often feature multiple levels of subscription and upselling tactics.

Humbled Trader Benefits

Before deciding to sign up to Humbled Trader you should be clear on what benefits you will receive from their service. Here are the features I believe users will find most profound:

  • Humbled Trader Academy: This comprehensive educational platform includes 17 units and over 12 hours of video lessons, covering topics from fundamental concepts to short-selling strategies. It stands out as one of the top day trading education programs.
  • Live Streams and Chats: The platform provides multiple live streams, including a premarket stream that overviews the market, aiding in market preparation and strategy.
  • Coaching Sessions and Webinars: Members have access to weekly mentorship webinars and one-on-one coaching sessions (for new members) with Humbled Trader’s experienced coaching team, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Chat Room and Discord Channel: The platform offers both a chat room and a members-only Discord channel for interactive learning and community engagement.
  • Daily Stock Watchlist: Subscribers receive a daily stock watchlist with key price levels and market information.
  • Trade Recordings: Commentary on trade executions by Humbled Trader and other experts, demonstrating effective use of charting tools.
  • Live Text Commentary: Offers real-time breakdowns of price action, technical analysis, and news alerts.
  • Weekly Stock Watchlist: Provides market recaps and a watchlist with fundamental information and news.

Humbled Trader Drawbacks

As before making any decision, you have to weigh the negatives along with the positives. Here are some potential drawbacks you should consider before signing up to Humbled Trader:

  • Cost: One of the primary drawbacks is the subscription cost, which is around $1,900 annually. This pricing positions Humbled Trader at a higher end compared to other educational platforms. Despite the price, the extensive resources and community support provided can justify the investment for serious traders.
  • Learning Curve: The vast array of content available on Humbled Trader can create a steep learning curve, particularly for new traders. Nonetheless, the platform’s structured educational path and the supportive trading community can aid in navigating this challenge.
  • Lack of Mobile Application: Currently, Humbled Trader does not offer a mobile app, which could limit accessibility for users who prefer mobile-based learning.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear to me that this platform offers a comprehensive educational experience for aspiring day traders. While the cost of nearly $1,900 annually is substantial, the depth of training, from the extensive video library to live mentorship webinars, makes it a valuable resource.

For those ready to dive into day trading education with a robust support system, Humbled Trader could be a strong choice. Click Here to explore Humbled Trader and start your journey in day trading.
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