What To Know Before Signing Up To The 5ers – Is It Best For Your Needs?

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December 13, 2023December 13, 2023

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In this The 5ers review, I will dive into the key aspects of this renowned prop trading firm. The 5ers is known for its distinctive approach to funding traders, offering programs suited to various trading styles, including aggressive strategies. With their focus on the top 5% of traders, The 5ers provides opportunities to manage funded accounts, potentially up to $4 million, with trading options in forex, metals, and indices.

A unique feature of The 5ers is its instant funding programs, which allow traders to jump straight into forex trading. Additionally, the firm’s account-level system encourages gradual capital growth, enabling traders to progressively build their trading portfolios.

However, before signing up to The5ers, it’s crucial to evaluate if this platform is legitimate and aligns with your trading goals. Understanding the requirements to access funded accounts, such as proving your trading skills, is essential. The 5ers has built a strong reputation in the prop firm industry, but it’s important to assess how its offerings match your trading preferences and strategies.

For anyone considering The 5ers, knowing these details is vital. What to know before signing up to The5ers includes understanding the firm’s structure, its approach to funding traders, and the types of trading opportunities available. This review aims to provide a clear picture of The 5ers, helping you make an informed decision about joining this prominent trading platform.
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What To Know Before Signing Up To The5ers

I will cover everything you need to know before signing up to The5ers, but first, let me get into some background information.

The 5ers History

The 5ers, a prop trading company, was established in 2016 by Gil Ben Hur and Snir Ahiel. Based in Israel, this firm has quickly become prominent in the financial markets. The 5ers’ core mission is to provide funding to skilled forex traders, enabling them to trade effectively without requiring an initial personal investment. This approach addresses a common challenge in the trading community: the lack of access to significant capital.

The founders, Ben-Hur and Achiel, themselves day traders from Israel, created The 5ers to enhance the profitability of capable traders. Their platform, especially known for its Growth Trading Plan, offers funded forex trading opportunities up to a million dollars, providing a pathway for traders to amplify their market impact without the risk associated with personal capital investment.

The 5ers Benefits

Here are the most powerful benefits I think you should be aware of before signing up to The 5ers:

  • Trading a Variety of Assets: Traders with The 5ers can engage in forex trading with major and cross currency pairs, as well as commodities and indices.
  • Educational Resources: Funded traders have access to valuable educational materials including courses, webinars, and market updates. These resources are designed to enhance trading knowledge and stay updated with industry trends.
  • Support System: While live chat is not available, The 5ers provide telephone and email support for technical queries.
  • Trading Tools and Indicators: The platform includes unique tools like Maximum Lot Estimation for MT5, showing the largest position size based on leverage and account funds. The Credit Risk indicator assesses risk across open positions, and the Drag and Trade expert advisor assists in order placement with pre-determined risks.
  • Economic Calendar and Trading Room: The 5ers’ economic calendar displays key economic events, aiding in long-term strategy planning. Their trading room, part of the company blog, features weekly market analyses from financial experts, providing insights on currencies, assets, and securities.

How The 5ers Works

Some prop firms can have convoluted trading rules and policies. Let me try to explain how The 5ers works before you consider signing up. The 5ers operates by offering traders a unique opportunity to start with a funded account immediately, unlike most prop firms that require an educational and evaluation phase. Traders select an account based on their risk tolerance and capital needs, pay a one-time fee, and can start trading using MetaTrader 5, a popular platform in the forex community, available on desktop and mobile.

Initially, traders begin with a Level 1 account, where they need to achieve a net profit of 6-7% for the low-risk program or 12% for the aggressive program. Meeting these targets while adhering to maximum leverage and stop out limits, traders then become official trading partners, receiving monthly payouts and larger funded accounts.

The 5ers offers three evaluation programs: the Low-Risk Evaluation Program, the High-Risk Program, and the $100K Bootcamp. The Low-Risk Program, suitable for disciplined traders, requires maintaining 6-7% net profit with a 4% maximum loss, offering low leverage and a mandatory stop loss. Traders have 180 days to pass this challenge, doubling their trading balance for every 10% profit.

The High-Risk Program caters to traders preferring high leverage without mandatory stop loss. Here, traders need to reach 12% net profit with the possibility of doubling their balance for every 25% profit, within a 60-day timeframe.

Lastly, the $100K Bootcamp, a recent addition, offers a lower entry fee split into two parts. It comprises three steps, provides 10:1 leverage, and can take up to 12 months to complete, presenting a longer but more accessible route to trading with a fully funded account.

The 5ers Pricing

The 5ers Pricing varies greatly depending on the type of program and funding amount you choose. Since the fees are subject to change, it is best to check with them directly. You can do that, plus receive a The 5ers coupon code by clicking the link.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when considering joining The 5ers, it’s essential to understand “What to know before signing up to The5ers.” This prop trading firm offers a unique and flexible platform for traders, catering to various styles and levels, with the opportunity to manage accounts up to $4 million. The firm’s instant funding programs, educational resources, and variety of trading assets make it an attractive option for traders looking to expand their portfolios without the need for significant personal investment.

For futures traders, considering other options like FTMO might be beneficial. Comparing The 5ers with other firms, such as in my The 5ers vs FTMO review, will provide a broader perspective, helping you to decide which prop trading firm aligns best with your trading style and objectives.

If you are a Forex trader looking for account flexibility in a high leverage trading account, The 5ers is a solid choice. Click Here to get started today.

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