What To Know Before Signing Up To Trade The Pool – Rules, Benefits And Pricing

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December 13, 2023December 13, 2023

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In this Trade The Pool review, I will explore what to know before signing up to Trade the Pool, a prop trading firm that addresses common challenges faced by retail traders. Many traders struggle due to limited capital, the risks of using their own money, and the absence of risk-prevention mechanisms in their trading strategies.

Trade The Pool, established in 2022 by Five Percent Online Ltd, the operators of the well-respected The5ers prop trading firm, offers a unique funding solution tailored to all types of stock traders.

Trade The Pool has quickly become a powerhouse in the prop firm industry, offering a compelling blend of features for stock traders. With up to 80% profit splits, unlimited buying power, and access to over 12,000 stocks, it presents itself as a formidable option for traders seeking a reliable and resourceful firm. This firm not only provides the capital that traders often lack but also minimizes the risk of trading with personal funds.

The firm’s approach to trading, partnerships with leading companies in the industry, and its comprehensive range of stocks make it an attractive choice for traders looking to expand their capital and reduce risk.

By the end of my review, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Trade The Pool’s offerings, including its strengths, weaknesses, and how it compares to other firms in the market. Whether Trade The Pool is the right fit for your trading needs will become clearer as we dive deeper into its features and services.
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What to Know Before Signing up to Trade The Pool

Before diving into all we need to know before signing up to Trade The Pool, I will give you a bit of background information.

What is Trade The Pool?

Trade The Pool, established by the creative minds at Five Percent Online Ltd., is a prominent player in the online prop firm industry. Founded by Gil Ben Hur, an independent forex trader, Trade The Pool was conceptualized as a fair and transparent trading platform, free from hidden fees and deceptive practices. Ben Hur’s vision was to create a trading environment where integrity and clarity are paramount.

The brand is an offshoot of Five Percent Online Ltd., which also operates The5ers.com, a highly reputed and respected online prop trading site established in 2016. With years of experience in the funding-traders industry, Trade The Pool benefits from a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The firm’s team comprises active traders who understand every facet of trading, a factor that has significantly influenced the development of a rewarding trading environment.

Trade The Pool’s approach is characterized by innovation and leadership, reflecting in the way they have structured their stock-funded trader program. Being founded by Gil Ben Hur, who also established the 5ers, has equipped the firm with insights to avoid common pitfalls in the prop trading world. This foundation has allowed Trade The Pool to offer a unique and effective platform for traders.

Trade The Pool Benefits

Here are the main Trade The Pool benefits that you should be aware of before signing up to Trade The Pool:

  • Experienced Team with Solid Reputation: The platform is backed by the experienced team from The5ers.com, known for their solid reputation in the trading industry.
  • Four Distinct Account Sizes: Catering to different levels of trading experience and needs, Trade The Pool offers four unique account sizes, each designed to suit various trading styles and strategies.
  • Innovative Features: The platform includes dynamic trading features such as a “Pump and Dump” option, adding versatility to trading strategies.
  • 14-Day Free Trial: New traders can explore the platform with a 14-day free trial, providing an opportunity to test the platform’s features without any commitment.
  • Wide Range of Trading Options: With access to over 12,000 stocks and ETFs, traders can diversify their portfolios extensively.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Trade The Pool provides effective and responsive customer support through multiple channels, ensuring traders’ queries and issues are addressed promptly.
  • Program Features: The platform includes unique features like a start-over button and redemption fees, enhancing the trading experience.
  • Educational Resources: The platform boasts excellent content and educational resources, beneficial for both new and experienced traders.
  • Profit Withdrawal and Account Scaling: Traders can withdraw their profits and simultaneously scale up their funded accounts, offering a balance between earnings and growth.
  • Free Subscriptions: Trade The Pool offers free subscriptions to other trading tools like Trade Ideas, TrendSpider, or Bookmap, and a free month with TraderSync.

Trade The Pool Pricing

Here are the pricing levels associated with Trade The Pool you should be aware of:

  • Mini Buying Power: With a buying power of $20,000, this account is ideal for beginners and costs $97. It offers a balanced profit split, allowing traders to grow steadily.
  • Super Buying Power: Offering $80,000 in buying power for a $300 fee, this account is suitable for intermediate traders looking to expand their trading scope.
  • Extra Buying Power: For $475, traders get $160,000 in buying power, catering to more experienced traders with substantial investment and trading strategies.
  • Ultimate Buying Power: At $1,240, this account provides the highest buying power of $260,000, designed for seasoned traders. It offers a high profit-share ratio, reflecting the significant level of investment and potential returns.

Trade The Pool Rules

Trade The Pool, distinct from other prop trading firms, sets specific rules for its traders. During the one-step evaluation process, traders must complete at least 50 trades over 30 days and achieve a profit target six times their daily loss limit, without exceeding a maximum drawdown of three times this limit.

Trading is permitted only during US stock exchange hours, from 9:30 ET to 15:55 ET, and all trades must be closed by the day’s end. The maximum exposure per trade is limited to 30% of the daily loss, and the total exposure in floating varies with account types – $80,000 for Super Buying Power, $160,000 for Extra Buying Power, and $260,000 for Ultimate Buying Power.

Trade The Pool offers four account sizes, ranging from $20,000 to $260,000 in buying power. To secure funding, traders must follow the evaluation rules, which include reaching a profit target twice the maximum daily drawdown and making a minimum of 30 trades within a 45-day period, while managing risk effectively. This framework ensures that traders not only prove their skills but also adhere to disciplined risk management.

Final Thoughts

In summing up What to know before signing up to Trade the Pool, it’s clear to me that this platform offers a unique approach for traders seeking to maximize their potential with varying levels of buying power and a structured evaluation process. The combination of flexible trading hours, a range of account sizes, and specific rules for risk management make it an attractive option for traders looking to expand their expertise and portfolio.

For those intrigued by Trade The Pool’s innovative approach to prop trading and seeking more information or ready to dive in, Click Here to explore further.

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