What To Know Before Subscribing To Behind The Markets: Benefits, Drawbacks, Pricing And More

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December 5, 2023December 5, 2023

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In this Behind The Markets review, I’ll explore the key features of the newsletter and what to know before subscribing to Behind the Markets. Led by editor and lead stock picker Dylan Jovine, Behind the Markets is an online newsletter known for offering subscribers stock recommendations, trade alerts, and bonus reports.

As with any monthly newsletter offering stock recommendations, it’s important to understand how Behind the Markets stands out among its competitors. This Behind the Markets review highlights the newsletter’s unique approach to stock picking, its focus on mid-cap companies, and the breadth of sectors it covers, all of which are crucial factors to consider before subscribing to the service.
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What To Know Before Subscribing To Behind The Markets

There are some basic facts I must cover before you decide to subscribe to Behind The Markets. I will get into the benefits, drawbacks, and pricing in a bit, but for now, let’s be clear on exactly what Behind The Markets is.

What is Behind The Markets?

Behind The Markets, led by Dylan Jovine, is a distinct financial newsletter focusing on mid-cap companies. Established in 2004 under Tycoon Publishing and later becoming part of Agora Financial in 2011, the newsletter offers a unique perspective on the stock market. It primarily highlights undervalued mid-cap stocks, providing subscribers with a range of investment opportunities that might be missed by the average investor.

The newsletter stands out for its broad market approach, diverging from services that concentrate on specific sectors. Jovine’s methodology involves scouring various industries, which allows for a diversified investment portfolio and reduces the risk tied to sector-specific downturns. Subscribers receive weekly emails packed with insightful reports, monthly stock picks, sell alerts, and trade alerts, along with access to a model portfolio.

Behind The Markets caters to both short-term and long-term investors, offering a conservative investing approach and in-depth market analysis. This makes it a comprehensive resource for informed investment strategies and a valuable tool for anyone looking to expand their investment horizon.

Benefits of Behind The Markets

Now that we are clear on what exactly Behing The Markets is, the next thing we need to know before subscribing is the benefits that Behind The Markets offer. Here are the benefits I think potential users should be aware of:

  • Newsletter Content: Focuses on identifying growth opportunities in mid-cap companies, providing subscribers with up to two monthly stock recommendations and in-depth market analysis.
  • Model Portfolio: Features Jovine’s stock recommendations, allowing members to view and potentially mirror these selections in their own investment strategies.
  • Trade Alerts and Portfolio Updates: Regular updates and alerts are sent to subscribers, keeping them informed about market changes and Jovine’s investment moves.
  • Complementary Report: Includes a special report titled “SEARCH & DESTROY: 3 A.I. Software Stocks Revolutionizing Warfare,” offering valuable insights into promising A.I. stocks.
  • Bonus Reports: Provides access to seven additional reports covering diverse topics like biotech, cannabis, and cutting-edge medical treatments, enriching subscribers’ knowledge for a varied investment portfolio.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: A 30-day money-back guarantee offers a risk-free period to assess the newsletter’s value and Jovine’s analysis quality.
  • Subscription Tiers: Three different subscription levels cater to various investor needs and preferences, enhancing the service’s accessibility and relevance.

Drawbacks of Behind The Markets

Before we can decide whether Behind The Markets is worth subscribing to, we need a balanced approach. This means looking at the potential drawbacks. Here are some potential negative aspects to consider before making a decision:

  • Timing of Trades: The profitability of trades recommended by Behind the Markets largely depends on the timing of buying and selling stocks. Subscribers need to be comfortable conducting their own research to assess whether they agree with Jovine’s recommendations before investing.
  • No Community Interaction: The service lacks a community chat or forum, which means subscribers don’t have a platform for discussing stocks or strategies with fellow members.
  • Limited to Stock Recommendations: Behind the Markets does not offer options trading, which may be a limitation for those looking for a broader range of investment choices.
  • Performance Comparison: Since 2018, the performance of Behind the Markets has closely mirrored the S&P 500, indicating a lower return compared to stock picks from other investment newsletters.
  • Variable Results: Subscribers may experience varied results based on their individual investment strategies and prevailing market conditions.
  • Website Issues: Some users have reported occasional slowness with the Behind the Markets website, which can affect the overall user experience.

Behind The Markets Pricing

An important consideration, for most, before subscribing to Behind The Markets is the cost. I must note, compared to the other best stock market newsletters, Behind the Markets is affordable. Here are the 3 pricing tier offered:

  • Bronze Plan: Priced at $49 per year, this entry-level plan includes the Editor’s Choice report, making it suitable for those looking for basic market insights.
  • Silver Plan: Available at $79 per year, this plan provides more extensive content, including access to four reports, with two focusing on biotech stocks. It’s a step up for investors seeking more in-depth analysis in specific sectors.
  • Platinum Plan: For $99 per year, subscribers receive the most comprehensive package, which includes seven reports, one of which is dedicated to cannabis stocks. This plan is ideal for subscribers who desire a wide range of investment insights and sector-specific analysis.

Final Thoughts

Throughout this Behind The Markets review, I’ve explored the various facets of the newsletter, from its detailed stock recommendations to the diverse range of reports it offers. When considering what to know before subscribing to Behind the Markets, it’s important to weigh its comprehensive market insights, the flexibility of its pricing tiers, and the unique value it provides in terms of sector-diverse investment opportunities.

The newsletter’s approach, under the expert guidance of Dylan Jovine, is tailored to investors seeking growth opportunities in mid-cap companies and those who appreciate a broader market perspective. With plans catering to different investment interests and a pricing model that is notably affordable in comparison to other newsletters, Behind The Markets stands out as a valuable resource for both novice and seasoned investors.

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