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December 12, 2023December 12, 2023

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In this Oxford Communique review, I’ll dive into the specifics of this well-established investment newsletter to provide you with a clear understanding of what to know before subscribing to Oxford Communique. As one of the longest-running investment newsletters in the market, it offers a blend of monthly stock picks that include both prominent large-cap stocks and lesser-known individual stocks.

The service, a notable offering from the Oxford Club, not only provides monthly stock selections but also keeps subscribers updated with weekly insights and special reports. Available in both print and digital formats, it caters to different subscriber preferences, ensuring access to its content in the most convenient form.

Throughout this review, I’ll examine the team behind Oxford Communique, the type of content subscribers can expect, and the feedback from those who have used the service. This comprehensive approach is aimed at giving potential subscribers all the necessary information to decide if Oxford Communique aligns with their investment strategy and objectives. Let’s jump into the details.
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What to Know Before Subscribing to Oxford Communique

There are a lot of details you will need to know before subscribing to Oxford Communique. Before we get into all of them, let’s discuss some history of the Oxford Communique.

Oxford Communique History

The Oxford Communique is a monthly newsletter anchored by the expertise of Alexander Green, the Chief Investment Strategist at the Oxford Club. Green’s impressive background in investment strategy forms the backbone of this publication. His career spans over two decades, including 16 years on Wall Street where he honed his skills as an investment advisor, research analyst, and portfolio manager at various prestigious firms, managing multimillion-dollar portfolios.

Green’s deep understanding of market trends, financial analysis, and investment strategies, garnered from his time on Wall Street, enabled him to retire at the young age of 43, having secured his financial independence. Now, he focuses on sharing this wealth of knowledge with others, aiming to guide them on their own paths to financial freedom through the insights shared in the Communique and other premium services like Oxford Microcap Trader.

In addition to his role at the Oxford Club, Alexander Green is also an accomplished author, with four national best-sellers to his name: “The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio”, “The Secret of Shelter Island”, “Beyond Wealth”, and “An Embarrassment of Riches”. His success in writing underlines the quality of content found in the Oxford Communique, blending effective communication with solid investment research and recommendations.

This synthesis of extensive investment experience and a proven track record in authorship is what has contributed to the long-standing success of the Oxford Communique, making it a well-regarded source of financial guidance and market insights.

Oxford Communique Features

Here are the beneficial features I think you should know before subscribing to Oxford Communique:

  • Monthly Stock Pick: Each month, subscribers receive a stock pick featuring highly liquid, well-known companies. The newsletter provides detailed insights about the company, its advantages, buy-up-to-price actions, trailing stop amounts (usually 25%), and updates on other significant stock movements. It also includes life improvement tips and weekly updates to adapt to rapid market shifts. However, for those with limited time, supplementing with third-party research can provide a more rounded view of each holding.
  • Model Portfolios: Unlike most newsletters offering just one trading portfolio, Oxford Communique has five:
    • Trading Portfolio: Focuses on diversified assets to outperform the market, with a shorter investment horizon.
    • Ten-Baggers of Tomorrow Portfolio: Targets speculative stocks with the potential for significant growth, avoiding high-risk penny stocks.
    • Oxford All-Star Portfolio: A collection of funds and holdings managed by top money managers, including Berkshire Hathaway and Markel Corp.
    • Gone Fishin’ Portfolio: Based on Modern Portfolio Theory, this portfolio focuses on long-term wealth preservation and dividends through stock and bond index funds.
    • Fortress Portfolio: Launched in July 2022, it prioritizes risk protection with investments in gold funds, inflation-protected securities, and healthcare ETFs.
  • Pillars of Wealth: These principles guide subscribers in building diversified portfolios and managing risks. The pillars include sticking to the Oxford Wealth Pyramid, knowing exit strategies, understanding position sizing, and cutting investment expenses.
  • Special Reports: Subscribers have access to in-depth reports on various topics, providing insights into potentially lucrative and low-risk investment opportunities.
  • Member-Only Events: High net worth subscribers can participate in exclusive trips and seminars, offering unique experiences and networking opportunities with other investors and newsletter editors.
  • Centerpiece Newsletter: Delivered monthly, this newsletter by Alexander Green is filled with investment ideas and reflections on the current market state.
  • New Membership Bonus Reports: New members receive bonus content like books, video courses, and exclusive reports, introducing them to the Oxford Club’s investment philosophy.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Oxford Communique offers a 12-month satisfaction guarantee, ensuring refunds for unsatisfied subscribers, underscoring their confidence in their content.

Oxford Communique Drawbacks

There are a few potential drawbacks you should weigh when deciding whether to subscribe to Oxford Communique or not. Here are the main ones I think you should consider:

  • Single Advisor’s Recommendations: The stock picks in the Oxford Communique are primarily based on the insights of a single investment advisor. While this advisor’s expertise has historically yielded consistent results, there’s always the possibility that a highly experienced investor could outperform these picks. However, the newsletter’s long-standing consistency in recommending high-quality stocks is noteworthy.
  • Trading Pace: The trading recommendations in the Communique may not suit everyone, particularly day traders or those looking for short-term flips. The pace and style of trading suggested by the newsletter are more aligned with medium to long-term investing strategies, which may not align with the goals of more aggressive traders.
  • Lack of Interactive Platforms: The Oxford Communique doesn’t provide forums or chat features for subscribers. This lack of interactive platforms means subscribers miss out on community discussions, peer advice, and real-time interaction with other investors, which can be valuable, especially for those looking for diverse perspectives and strategies.

Oxford Communique Pricing

Here are the subscription costs you should expect from the Oxford Communique:

  • Basic Subscription: Priced at $79 per year, it provides access to the Communique’s content, including the Oxford Income Letter, in a digital format.
  • Deluxe Subscription: For $129 per year, this subscription level includes both email and website services, offering a blend of digital access to the Communique’s resources.
  • Premium Subscription: This is the most comprehensive option, priced at $249 per year, with an exclusive first-year offer of $99. Subscribers to this tier receive both digital and physical copies of the monthly investment newsletters, providing a more extensive package of services.

Final Thoughts

It’s evident to me that this newsletter provides valuable investment insights and stock picks, primarily driven by the expertise of a seasoned investment advisor. While its approach may not cater to day traders or those seeking interactive forums, the Communique’s consistent track record and varied stock recommendations make it a strong candidate for investors focused on medium to long-term strategies and confirm it is not a scam.

When considering what to know before subscribing to Oxford Communique, potential subscribers should weigh the pace of trading recommendations, the format of content delivery, and the level of community interaction they desire.

For those looking to deepen their investment knowledge and explore well-researched stock recommendations, the Oxford Communique stands out as a reputable source. To explore more about this service and see if it aligns with your investment goals, Click Here.

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