What To Know Before Subscribing To Simply Wall St – What It Offers And Where It Falls Short

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December 6, 2023December 6, 2023

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In this Simply Wall St review, I will peel back the curtain and look into what to know before subscribing to Simply Wall St. The platform stands out as a comprehensive tool for both passive and active investors in the stock market.

It simplifies the process of stock research with features like detailed research reports, historical performance data, and thorough company analyses. These tools assist in evaluating the financial health of companies and identifying sound investment opportunities.

Read on as I highlight its key functionalities to help you determine if Simply Wall St aligns with your investment goals and strategies.
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What to Know Before Subscribing to Simply Wall St

Before we get into all the must know information, like price, benefits, and shortcomings, let’s be clear on exactly what Simply Wall St is.

What is Simply Wall St?

Simply Wall St, founded by Al Bentley, a self-taught stock investor, started as a tool to aid individual investors in navigating the complexities of stock investments. Bentley’s own challenging experiences in the stock market inspired the creation of Simply Wall St, which now caters not only to individual investors but also to professional ones.

The platform specializes in conducting thorough, unbiased fundamental analysis on a wide range of listed companies globally. This enables investors to quickly identify and research potential investment opportunities. Known for its user-friendly, visual, and comprehensive products, Simply Wall St is designed to support more informed investment decisions.

Benefits of Simply Wall St

In order to assess if it is worth subscribing to Simply Wall St, we must dive into it’s beneficial features. Here are the features I think subscribers will find most useful:

  • Time-Saving Reports: The platform provides reports that significantly reduce research time, although it’s not a stock-picking tool. It presents data in an interactive, graphical format for better understanding, requiring users to still conduct their own research. Updated every 24 hours, these reports offer in-depth analysis including executive summaries, market performance, valuation, future growth predictions, and more.
  • The Snowflake Feature: This visual snapshot of a company aids in quickly assessing its characteristics, with successful checks represented on the snowflake’s axes. It includes a color-coded system for easy interpretation.
  • Discover and Stock Screener: These tools help in discovering investing ideas and creating customized screeners based on personal criteria, further aiding in investment decision-making.
  • Watchlist and Portfolios: Users can create watchlists from scratch or link them from their broker’s platform, providing a summary of important changes and performance data.

Simply Wall St Drawbacks

A well rounded perspective is required before deciding if you should subscribe to Simply Wall St, this means looking at the shortcomings as well as benefits. Let’s take a look at some areas where Simply Wall St might leave something to be desired:

  • Limited Coverage: The platform doesn’t cover as many stocks as some other research platforms, potentially missing out on certain companies you might be interested in.
  • Restricted Customization: Users might find the platform somewhat rigid, lacking options to create custom reports or charts tailored to their specific analysis needs.
  • Occasional Technical Glitches: Users might experience bugs in the platform.
  • Learning Curve: New users may find it challenging to navigate and understand the platform initially.
  • Specific Audience: Simply Wall St is best suited for investors actively engaged in stock research or selection, and it does not serve as an investment decision-making service.

Simply Wall St Pricing

Before you can decide to subscribe to Simply Wall St, understanding the price is vital. Luckily, Simply Wall St offers 3 membership tiers, including a free plan. Here are the membership options:

  • Free Plan: Includes basic access to stock reports, historical data, and company insights, ideal for those wanting to explore the platform.
  • Premium Plan ($10/mo): Builds upon the free plan with in-depth stock analysis, tailored portfolio advice, and event alerts, suitable for investors seeking more comprehensive information.
  • Unlimited Plan ($20/mo): Offers all premium features plus unlimited stock research access and the ability to monitor numerous stocks, designed for investors needing extensive, flexible tools.

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Who is Simply Wall St For?

Simply Wall St is an effective platform for a range of investors, especially useful for beginners due to its intuitive interface and clear visual data presentations. It excels in fundamental analysis, appealing to investors focused on long-term growth and financial health.

Additionally, the platform offers insightful portfolio analysis tools, aiding investors in optimizing their investments and managing risks. Visual learners will appreciate the engaging infographics and charts that simplify complex financial information.

Its availability of a free plan makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious investors, allowing them to explore its features without a significant financial commitment.

Final Thoughts

To summarize my Simply Wall St review, it’s crucial to weigh what to know before subscribing to Simply Wall St. This platform, among the best stock research websites, offers a blend of comprehensive reports, historical data, and extensive company analyses, ideal for informed investment decisions.

For those actively researching and selecting stocks, Simply Wall St’s tiered plans cater to varying needs, from basic exploration to in-depth analysis. To learn more and see if Simply Wall St aligns with your investment strategy, Click Here.

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