Which ICO Projects Should You Monitor in the Upcoming Months?

By: Jeremy Biberdorf

September 11, 2019

Which ICO Projects Should You Monitor in the Upcoming Months?

The first half of 2019 had been decent for new blockchain-based startups, which managed to raise an aggregate of $2 billion, both from retail and institutional investors. It’s still way below the numbers we saw in 2018, but the regulatory scrutiny that emerged a year ago, as well as the strong drop in cryptocurrency prices,  had scared most of the people.

Given that the cryptocurrency market is still in its early phases, boom-and-bust cycles will occur often and will act violently. Our view should be focused on the long-term and on finding new business models that have the ability to create disruptions and generate returns. Not all ICOs will qualify and that is why you’ll need diversification. In order to give you a little help, today we’ll talk about a few ICOs that come with some interesting projects, at least on paper.

KsVirtual (KSE)

Developed by a company based in Hong Kong, KsVirtual is an ICO project that wants to develop universal learning algorithms for recognizing and decoding brain signals, which will then enable the remote control in real-time, of wireless devices. The company creates and test its own mobile headset used to record and analyze brain signals and also, it creates an expandable database of decoded brain signals.

Brain signals and maps will then be used for multiple-user access and will be available for other developers. The ICO is projected to take place between December 15th, 2019 and January 15th, 2020, with an ICO price for the KSE crypto coin of 0.000909 ETH. It is an ERC-20 compliant token, based on the Ethereum platform, one of the most chosen solutions by new blockchain companies.

KsVirtual aims to sell 455 million KSE tokens, 35% of the total token supply, aiming to raise around $1 million in funding. Payments in ETH, BTC, LTC, and USDT will be accepted. The company had already developed a bonus structure for people who want to get involved, and you will find more details on their platform. KsVirtual comes with a really ambitious project that may be part of our future. They work on a technology that can really take digital devices to the next level.

2Local (L2L)

Based on the Stellar platform and designed as a utility token, 2Local is an ICO project developed by a company based in the Netherlands. It claims to be an innovative blockchain-based platform encouraging sustainability and prosperity for everyone in the world. With the solution provided by 2Local, a convenient marketplace will be ensured for consumers to connect with companies that produce local sustainable good and services.

With the L2L stablecoin, each consumer will be able to receive cashback on the purchases made. There is a sustainable cashback system in place, making subsequent local and sustainable purchases easier, which may be a solution to reduce global poverty, hunger, environmental problems. All companies wanting to place their products on the platform will be able to sign up at 2local.io.

As with the ICO project, the company aims to sell 350 million L2L tokens. The pre-sale time had been set for October 1st – October 16th, 2019, while the ICO time is October 17th – December 2nd. The L2L token price is 0.12 EUR and the company will accept payments in FIAT, BTC, ETH, and XML.

In order to encourage people to get involved, 2Local had developed a generous bonus structure. During the pre-sale, there’s a 70% bonus, while the bonus for the main sale is 30%. This is a project that has decent ratings on industry websites.


Another interesting project based on the Stellar platform is the Scopuly ICO, which will take place between October 10th Ocotber 25th. Put in place by a Switzerland-based company, it aims to develop a solution that can perform in various areas. Decentralized cryptocurrency trading, token issuance, sending/receiving cryptocurrencies, fiat currency withdrawal fiat currency and others, are some of the main functions.

Scopuly wants to leverage some of the most important features of the Stellar platform, which continues to be one of the most popular choices when it comes to decentralized application. More specifically, the new platform aims to be fast, reliable, and will offer low-cost transactions for a large number of people.

The price of one SCOP token had been set at 0.7 XLM, and during the ICO investors will be able to make payments in XLM, ETH, BTC, USD, EUR, and RUB. A bonus structure is also available, ranging from 1% to 10%, depending on the volume of tokens acquired.

With Scopuly, clients could have a new promising alternative for issuing their own cryptocurrencies, launching IEOs, investing in other IEOs,  as well as trading cryptocurrency assets on the decentralized SDEX exchange. At the present time, the project has good ratings and positive feedbacks, which makes it one of the ICOs to watch by the end of the year.

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