Why You Should Adopt Eco-Friendly Business Habits

Eco-friendly business habits are becoming essential these days and it’s not just about protecting the environment. In the age of transparency that we live in, it’s as much about your reputation as anything. It might sound cynical but as brands are pressed upon to tell their stories in ever more detailed ways– through blogs, social media and networking events – do you really want to be seen as a gas-guzzling, landfill-stuffing, carbon-hungry dinosaur? Of course not. Think too of the money you could save by becoming more responsible. Here are some ideas:

Control Your Heating

Reducing temperature by one degree in your premises will save up to 8% on your energy bills each business year. Studies have shown that the optimal working temperature is around 21-22°C. Have your office boiler checked regularly and don’t be afraid to invest money in a new one; while the upfront costs may be high, you will make savings in the long run.

Switch Off Equipment

Can’t wait to leave your desktop on that hilarious screensaver you found last week? Save it. A single computer or monitor left on 24 hours a day can cost over £50 a year. Turning computers, printers and water coolers off overnight and at weekends can dramatically reduce this unnecessary cost. There are seven-day timers available to make this process a little easier.

Reduce Waste

Small changes can make big differences in this regard. Control stock, make a concerted effort to re-use things and encourage your employees/colleagues to follow suit. Prompt recycling by providing the correct waste bins in easy to access locations around your workplace.


Whether you work with large machinery or just the occasional generator rental don’t forget about motors. It is easy to leave them running during job breaks or changeovers as they are often hidden. Save energy – and keep the workplace safer – by switching them off.


Maximise natural light by keeping windows and skylights clean and make sure to install energy efficient light bulbs. Consider installing daylight sensors to turn lights on and off automatically – whether this is a practical idea would of course depend on the size and nature of your business.

Remember, with a little bit of deft marketing, dedicated energy saving drives can turn into fantastic press releases, blog content and social media fodder which might bring your company precious media coverage. You never know, becoming energy conscious and recording your progress could be the best business decision you make this year.

Image by Highways England Company, used under the Creative Commons license.