You Don’t Miss Something Until It’s Gone From UK to Canada

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You don’t miss something until it’s gone, it’s true. When you take things for granted, it’s easy to get comfortable with the fact that nothing will ever change. In this instance I’m talking about things I miss since leaving the UK and moving to Canada.

Fish and Chips….proper fish ‘n’ chips

I went to Detroit one day and on the journey home stopped at an Applebee’s for something to eat. Looking through the menu i saw what they said was “Fish and Chips” and instantly had a hankerin’ for it, though obviously not in the newspaper wrapping (dam you health and safety!).

When the plate arrived I was very disappointed, for starters the amount of chips was larger than the amount of fish and the fish consisted of two small battered fillets. Now where I come from (and other Brits on this site will agree) fish and chips are called such due mainly to the fact that you get a whopping big fish with a portion of chips. The order in which the two main ingredients are listed suggests the proportions. By the way, the best fish and chips I ever had was sitting on the seafront on the east coast of England. There are other Canadian approximations that are no substitute for the real thing such as Pork Pies, Cornish Pasties and Scotch eggs. Please feel free to tell me what you miss and where you’ve found a good version of it here in the colonies.

Paid and It Went

Mobile phones and I aren’t huge friends to begin with, but even if you want to be frugal and get a “pay as you go” you’re getting ripped off. Back in blighty I was the owner of a Tesco (supermarket) pay as you go mobile phone, it wasn’t used a great deal and I usually put 20 pounds (currently approx $32) on it which lasted me 6-8 months. The reason it last so long was I paid and it went as I used it up, hence pay as you go.

In the interest of keeping the wife sane during the winter months and me out driving here and there I re-activated my phone from the UK with a Rogers pay as you go SIM Card and placed $10 on the account. The first time I go to use it, no money? There’s a 30 day limit on the $10 or something to that effect, so where exactly is the pay as you go on that? I paid, I didn’t use and it went. Now she owns a phone and negotiates a deal with Rogers each year by calling the retentions department, as I can’t be bothered with any of it. In general the Canadian population gets the rough end of the stick when it comes to mobile phone charges.

Budget Travel

Hot summer get-a-ways spent in the Mediterranean were convenient and cheap and I travelled quite a bit in my twenties. Weekends or fortnight (2 weeks) holidays in Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands, Madeira, Greece, Turkey etc were easily available, it may have changed now.

Flights only from 35 pounds (currently $55) and 2-3 hours flight time would place you somewhere new and exciting. The problem here is mainly geographical but flights tend to be a bit pricey too. I’m not one for resorts and spend 2 weeks stuck on a beach…..I’ve got to get out there with the locals.
Unfortunately most of the Caribbean is resort based and most other places beyond that start to go up in price.

Not All Negative

The Canadian population is a lucky bunch; we live in a beautiful country and lead a very good life on the whole. Money goes a lot further on a house for starters; I used to own a small 2 bed town house (approx 600 sq ft) with no garage and no basement in the UK. You can purchase a house at twice the size with a basement and garage for about the same money.

Your Tax on purchases is 13% back in England it’s 20% and yet people moan like crazy. Gas prices are relatively cheap, ever wondered why Europe has a huge amount of small cars, it’s not because we all like driving round in roller-skates, and it’s the price of gas. Here it’s approximately $1.25 – $1.35 a litre but back in the UK it’s around 1.35 pounds which is $2.15 a litre!

Over the course of my life and experiences, I can honestly say there’s no way you’re ever going to get the best of everything all the time, there’s always pro’s and cons. So when we go back to visit the UK we will fill up on what we miss because you never know what you have until it’s gone so get it while you can.

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