So You’ve Decided to Choose a Domain Name…

As you may well know, there are a lot of websites out there; hundreds of millions in fact. Is it possible that there is space for you and the brand new website you’ve always wanted? Absolutely. But first, let’s make sure you’ve got a divergent and unforgettable name, one that won’t be confused with the already mentioned millions of competing domains in the World Wide Web.

There isn’t a precise set of rules that are correct and steadfast, however it’s worth becoming familiar with some of these tips that may well end up working for you.

Think outside the box

Did you even know what the words ‘Google’ or ‘Skype’ meant when you first heard them? Domain names don’t necessarily have to be dictionary words, so be open to having a goofy or oddball name and think up something you’re sure no one else would own.

Be careful with connotations

In what could seemingly be a harmless domain name to you, can actually be completely misinterpreted by someone else. There are lists that compile some of the worst website names that have existed, so be sure to consider your chosen name carefully and check with friends and family, before you end up with something that people may not take seriously.

Go for the whole package

It’s entirely possible that you can find all your website requirements in one place. There are companies that offer domain names with all the perks such as registration and website hosting, who even propose alternative names in their domain name checker, should yours be already taken.

Short and sweet

Using specific keywords in your related field is important, but not to the detriment that your domain name ends up being a mile long. If in doubt, envision that you have to tell someone your site over the phone or even writing it on paper. Then imagine one letter is misheard or someone types it out wrong. Give people and yourself an easier time with fewer characters in the domain name.

Think long term

Remember to always keep expansion in mind. Will your domain name reflect what your site is about in the future? Perhaps you’re an E-commerce store that starts out selling dresses and skirts, but later on you’d like to venture into trading shoes and hats as well. Choose something that’s timeless and adaptable, rather than simply sticking to the here and now.

Top level domains

Although the familiar .com is the standard choice for a domain name, there is a wealth of alternative possibilities that can help your site become more notable and easier to distinguish. City names such as .london or .nyc can give you strong ties to an area, if your website is only relevant to a particular place. Additionally, .shop or .travel give people instant awareness of what your site concerns, as the veil of ambiguity can be lifted with domain names such as these.

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