Zen Trading Strategies Review 2023: Everything you need to know

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Apr 18, 2023
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In a nutshell: Zen Trading Strategies caters to algo traders of all skill levels, offering an array of services from prebuilt strategies and indicators, to Algorithmic trading educational courses, and even professional consulting for those building their own trading scripts. With its free trials, tiered pricing options, and customizable plans, the platform aims to accommodate various budgets and trading styles.

Ideal for investors new to algo trading, as well as experienced scalpers, day traders, and swing traders, Zen Trading Strategies provides access to hundreds of indicators, including automated trading indicators.

What sets Zen Trading Strategies apart is its seamless integration with the popular TradingView platform, allowing traders to backtest, monitor, and even automate their trading strategies with ease.  Discover if this platform is the perfect fit for your trading journey in our in-depth Zen Trading Strategies review below!

Service TypeFees Promotion
Algorithmic Trading Services and Education$67/month (Strategy & Indicator)
$597 (Master Course)
1-week free trial (Strategy & Indicator)
Pros & Cons
  • Wide range of trading styles and strategies
  • Algorithmic trading education and tools
  • Customizable trading strategies
  • Seamless integration with TradingView (desktop and mobile app)
  • Valuable insight to automate your trading strategies
  • May require a steeper learning curve for beginners
  • Subscription fees for advanced features

Is Zen Trading Strategies Right for Me?

Zen Trading Strategies is suitable for day traders, swing traders, and algorithmic traders who want to automate their strategies with the need for programming expertise, and stay ahead of the game in the fast-paced world of financial markets.

The platform provides valuable resources that teach traders the ins and outs of building custom strategies for full automation. Additionally, they offer pre-built strategies and indicators that can be easily leveraged, saving time and effort for traders.

By focusing on helping traders learn algorithmic trading techniques, Zen Trading Strategies empowers users with the knowledge and tools needed to build their own custom strategies or utilize the platform’s existing strategies and indicators. This combination of educational resources and accessible pre-built strategies makes Zen Trading Strategies a valuable resource for traders of all skill levels who are interested in exploring algorithmic trading and automating their strategies.

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How Does Zen Trading Strategies Work?

Zen Trading Strategies is a platform that provides systematic trading solutions and algorithmic trading education for traders. By subscribing to Zen Trading Strategies, traders can access and customize these strategies for their own use, adapting them to any financial market and trading style.

Traders can choose between strategy and indicator subscriptions (or both). The strategy subscription allows users to backtest and monitor the performance of their trading strategies. The indicator subscription enables users to build an algo trading tool based on the developed strategy, syncing indicators to a live exchange for automated trading.

Zen Trading Strategies requires a TradingView account, as their strategies and indicators are designed as an add-on to TradingView’s charts. The platform is compatible with TradingView’s free version.

The service offers various pricing options, including monthly and annual subscriptions for strategies and indicators. Additionally, Zen Trading Strategies provides a virtual private server alert indicator, a master course in automated algorithmic trading, and consultation services.

Zen Trading Strategies Features

Zen Trading Strategies offers a range of features to support traders in developing, testing, and automating their algorithmic trading strategies. Some key features include:

  • Customizable Trading Strategies: Zen Trading Strategies provides more than four regularly updated, customizable trading strategies that can be adapted to any timeframe or asset. These strategies cater to different trading styles, such as trend following, volume pumps, breakouts and price action, and momentum trading.
  • Unlimited Backtesting, Performance Monitoring, and Strategy Development: Subscribers can backtest their strategies against historical data, monitor their performance, and fine-tune them to optimize results.
  • Automated Trading Indicators: Indicators can be synced to live exchanges, allowing for automatic order placement based on the chosen strategy.
  • Comprehensive Master Course: Zen Trading Strategies offers an in-depth course in automated algorithmic trading, which helps traders learn the intricacies of developing and automating trading strategies.
  • Free Mini Course: A 12-part Algorithmic trading course perfect for those unsure if they’re ready for the Master Course, and want to dip their toes in the water.

Pricing and Subscriptions

Zen Trading Strategies provides a comprehensive suite of premium TradingView strategies, indicators, and an in-depth master course, all designed to help traders achieve financial freedom, enhance profits, and minimize risk.

Each TradingView strategy and indicator is available separately for a monthly subscription of $67/month.

It’s important to note the distinction between the strategy subscriptions and the indicator subscriptions. The strategy subscription focuses on delivering a specific trading method for users to employ in their trading decisions. On the other hand, the accompanying indicator subscription aims to automate and provide real-time alerts based on the particular strategy, streamlining the trading process for subscribers.

  • Ultimate Trend Following TradingView Strategy & Indicator: Ideal for scalping, day trading, swing trading, long-term investing, momentum trading, and trend following. Detects and follows trends, uses mean reversion, sets stop losses, trailing stop losses, and take profits.
  • Complete Volume Pump TradingView Strategy & Indicator: Perfect for scalping, day trading, swing trading, long-term investing, and identifying volume patterns. Detects abnormal volume movements, volume climaxes, and institutional support.
  • Extreme Breakouts + Price Action TradingView Strategy & Indicator: Suitable for scalping, day trading, swing trading, long-term investing, and determining true breakouts. Detects true breakouts and abnormal price action.
  • Perfect Momentum TradingView Strategy & Indicator: Excellent for scalping, day trading, swing trading, long-term investing, and finding highly probable price tops and bottoms. Detects extreme price movements and highly probable price tops and bottoms.

Each strategy comes with a free 1-week trial, allowing you to test them out before committing to a subscription. All subscribers also get access to their Group Telegram Members Only Channel for unlimited support.

Master Course – $597

Additionally, Zen Trading Strategies offers a comprehensive master course in automated algorithmic trading, which helps traders gain an in-depth understanding of developing and automating trading strategies. This educational resource further strengthens the platform’s offerings, making it a valuable tool for traders looking to excel in the world of algorithmic trading.

Is Zen Trading Strategies Worth It?

Considering the range of features and services that Zen Trading Strategies offers, it can be a valuable investment for traders interested in algorithmic trading. The platform caters to traders of all skill levels, from beginners who want to learn the ropes of algo trading without losing money in the process, to experienced traders looking for customizable trading scripts and automation tools.

Zen Trading Strategies provides a comprehensive suite of resources, including pre-built strategies, indicators, backtesting capabilities, performance monitoring, and strategy development tools. Additionally, the platform offers educational courses to help traders further refine their skills and strategies.

The seamless integration with TradingView, a popular charting platform, adds to the platform’s appeal, as it allows traders to access and implement their strategies on both desktop and mobile devices.

While the subscription fees may be a concern for some users, the value provided by Zen Trading Strategies can outweigh the costs, especially for those serious about leveraging the benefits of algorithmic trading. The free trials offered for each strategy also give traders the opportunity to test the platform and its strategies before committing to a subscription.

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