Ziggma Review 2023: Is it the best portfolio management platform?

Jeremy Biberdorf By: Jeremy Biberdorf Feb 01, 2023
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In a Nutshell: Ziggma is an online stock analysis platform that offers portfolio management and analysis services. Ziggma provides an easy way for users to manage their portfolios and get ideas for future stocks. Ziggma offers a free version that anyone can sign up for, as well as a reasonably-priced paid premium version with additional features.

Service TypeFees Promotion
Portfolio management and analysis services$9.90/mth or $89/yrN/A

Ziggma is best for…

The medium-term or long-term investor who wants data-backed portfolio lists. Ziggma uses an algorithmic scoring system to rank and provide data on stocks. For the beginner investor who is a data-driven decision maker, Ziggma can be a helpful tool in building and maintaining their portfolio.

Ziggma is also best for the investor who is concerned about the climate impact of the companies that they are investing in. Ziggma has a special Climate Impact section where they find the firms that are taking positive climate action and give them a climate score based on things like their three-year emissions trend and their carbon footprint. Ziggma will also notify you when it is time to vote on climate impacts on your stocks so that you don’t miss voting. Ziggma also lets you track your entire portfolio’s carbon footprint.

Ziggma Portfolio Dashboard

Pros & Cons
  • Free portfolio management tools
  • Top 50 stocks list
  • Climate Impact
  • User friendly
  • Reasonable monthly price for the annual premium plan
  • Lack of coverage on international stocks
  • Limited stock screening features

What is Ziggma?

Ziggma is an online portfolio management and investment research platform. Ziggma uses algorithms to score stocks and provides top investment ideas. Ziggma also helps users manage their portfolios in one location. This platform is best for the medium-term or long-term investor who wants data-backed portfolio lists.

Ziggma uses Plaid to ensure users’ data is secured.

Ziggma offers two different versions of its service: one that is free and one that is a paid subscription.

External Ziggma Review & Ratings

G24.9 from 10 reviews
SaaSWorthy4.8 from 9 reviews


Ziggma offers a variety of features including a portfolio tracker, stock screener, stock scores, stock research, model portfolios, and portfolio simulator.

Portfolio Tracker

With the portfolio tracker, you have a 360-degree view of all of your accounts combined and can project your portfolio cash flow for the next 12 months. You can also set smart alerts to know when to trade. With the premium plan, you also have access to the Ziggma stock scorecards, which let you view the best stocks across a particular industry.

Portfolio Tracker

Stock Screener

Ziggma’s stock screener was designed with the user experience in mind. It offers sliding scales, all essential ratios and continuously updating search results. You can capture around 40 key indicators for growth, profitability, valuation, and financial situation.

Stock Screener

Stock Scores

Ziggma scores stocks based on a combination of quantitative analysis and finance experts. Ziggma’s stock scorecard compares that stock with its industry peers, and identifies trends by looking at the evolution of sub-scores.

Stock Scores

Stock Research

Ziggma’s stock research capabilities were developed by financial analyst experts. To help you choose your portfolio, there are strength and weakness lists and “best-of-breed stock” lists.

Stock Research

Model Portfolio

Model portfolios help provide users with ideas for their next portfolio. There are model portfolios for all different types of investors, including ones who want to focus on growth, value, yield, climate, or ETFs.

Model Portfolio

Portfolio Simulator

The portfolio simulator is a premium feature that lets you gauge the impact of a trade on your portfolio. The portfolio simulator lets you evaluate a trade’s impact on things like your portfolio risk, portfolio yield, diversification, the overall growth rate of your portfolio holdings, and overall profitability of your portfolio holdings.

Portfolio Simulator

Pricing & Plans

There are two different ways to use Ziggma: unpaid or paid.

Free Plan

To register for Ziggma, you will create an account using your email address, or you can register through Google or Facebook. Once you create an account, you can link your brokerage account(s). Ziggma lets you import your portfolio from thousands of banks and brokers in the U.S. You will then create a virtual portfolio, and you can import a watchlist or virtual portfolio from Yahoo Finance.

With the free version, you get access to the portfolio tracker, stock and ETF screener, stock scoring, dividend tracker, and portfolio carbon footprint. You will also have one dashboard with a 360-degree view of your accounts. You can view all markets in a single view and view curated financial data for the best results.

Premium Plan

By paying $9.90 a month or $89 a year, Ziggma users can have access to the premium plan. Some features, like the Ziggma stock scores and the portfolio simulator, are subscription-only features. Ziggma is also continuously developing new features, and most of the new features are for subscribers only.

With the premium plan, you get access to all of the free features, plus additional ones like smart alerts, a portfolio simulator, a top 50 stock list and Ziggma stock scores. You also get the ability to save search screens, model portfolios, and test your strategies.

There is a 7-day free trial of the premium plan so that you can try it out before committing.


Ziggma is limited for those who are concerned with short-term trades, as the scoring system is based on fundamental indicators and does not take short-term price action into account. Ziggma also only covers U.S. stocks, so there is no coverage of international stocks.

Is Ziggma Right for You?

If you are a beginner long-term trader or value climate impacts, Ziggma could be a good option for you. However, for those who are looking for international stocks, you won’t find it with Ziggma.

For a free platform, Ziggma is user-friendly and provides a variety of portfolio management tools. The paid premium version provides some additional features that may be useful, like smart alerts and a top 50 stock list.

You can start using Ziggma for free by clicking here!

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