How to Get Funded for Crypto Trading

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November 14, 2023November 14, 2023

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, trading opportunities abound, but they often require substantial capital to seize.

For many traders, especially those starting, finding the necessary funds can be a significant hurdle. This is where funded trading programs come into play, offering a pathway to access larger capital and elevate trading strategies in the crypto market.

This article explores what funded prop trading is, how to get funded for crypto trading, and introduces you to some leading platforms that can help you embark on this exciting journey.

What is Funded Prop Trading?

Funded prop trading refers to a model where traders get access to a firm’s capital to trade, typically in exchange for a share of the profits.

It’s an arrangement that benefits both the trader and the firm: the trader gains the ability to trade with more significant sums, potentially earning more, while the firm earns a portion of the profits generated from these trades.

This model has gained popularity in various markets, including the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency trading.

How to Get Funded for Crypto Trading?

To get funded for crypto trading, you typically need to demonstrate your trading skills and risk management capabilities. Most funding programs have an evaluation process where traders are given a demo account with a virtual balance.

You must meet specific trading objectives and adhere to certain risk management rules during this evaluation phase. If successful, you’ll be allocated real capital to trade, under agreed-upon profit-sharing terms.

Check out our list of the best crypto prop trading firms.

Crypto Fund Trader


 Crypto Fund Trader Logo
    • Access to up to $200,000 in funding
    • 80-20 profit split favoring the trader
    • Real-time trading with competitive spreads
    • A variety of crypto pairs available for trading


Crypto Fund Trader offers a unique platform for both novice and experienced traders to enhance their crypto trading careers with substantial funding opportunities. It conducts a one-phase or two-phase evaluation to assess traders’ skills in managing demo money across various markets.

Successful traders can manage up to $200,000 and enjoy an attractive profit split. The platform’s real-time operation and a wide array of crypto pairs provide a dynamic trading environment.


Founded to help traders maximize their potential in the volatile crypto markets, Crypto Fund Trader has quickly established itself as a supportive partner for crypto enthusiasts.

With over 20,000 investors already using its services, it stands as a testament to the growing demand for effective portfolio management tools in the cryptocurrency domain.
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Fidelcrest Logo
  • Profit split of up to 90%
  • Wide range of trading challenges for different skill levels
  • Option to trade on weekends and engage in news trading
  • Access to popular MT4 and MT5 platforms


Fidelcrest is a prop trading firm that challenges traders to demonstrate their prowess in managing funds responsibly. It offers a unique opportunity to earn high profits through its Normal and Aggressive trading challenges.

With options for both Pro and Micro Traders, Fidelcrest caters to a broad spectrum of trading styles and experiences. It stands out with its strong focus on customer support and user-friendly platform.


Established in 2018, Fidelcrest has rapidly carved a niche for itself in the prop trading world. Based out of Nicosia, Cyprus, it offers traders the chance to become funded traders by meeting specific conditions in their trading challenges.

With its excellent customer service and transparent trading conditions, Fidelcrest has become a go-to platform for aspiring funded traders.
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 FTMO Logo
  • Up to $400,000 trading capital with the opportunity to scale up to $2M
  • Profit sharing of up to 90%
  • Comprehensive educational resources and community support
  • No personal capital at risk


FTMO is a top-rated proprietary trading firm that provides traders the opportunity to trade with substantial funds. With a two-step evaluation process focusing on profitable trades and adherence to trading rules, FTMO offers funding up to $400,000, which can be scaled up based on performance. The platform is particularly noted for its educational resources and supportive trading community.


Based in the Czech Republic, FTMO has established itself as a leader in the proprietary trading firm space. By focusing on Forex, commodities, crypto, and indices, FTMO provides a comprehensive platform for traders to showcase their skills and earn significant profits, all without risking personal capital.
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Final Thoughts

Prop trading in the cryptocurrency market offers an exciting avenue for traders to amplify their trading potential without the constraints of limited capital.

Platforms like Crypto Fund Trader, Fidelcrest, and FTMO provide the tools, resources, and funding necessary for traders to reach new heights in their trading careers. Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting, these firms offer a path to elevate your trading strategies and potentially achieve substantial returns.

Ready to dive into the world of crypto trading with funded accounts? Click here to explore the best crypto prop trading firms and start your journey towards becoming a successful crypto trader today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is crypto prop trading?

Crypto prop trading involves trading a firm’s capital in the cryptocurrency market, where the trader gets a share of the profits.

How can I get funded for crypto trading?

To get funded, you typically need to pass an evaluation phase where you demonstrate your trading skills and risk management with a demo account.

What are the benefits of trading with a prop firm?

Benefits include access to larger capital, the potential for higher profits, and no risk of personal capital loss.

Can beginners get funded for crypto trading?

Yes, many prop firms offer educational resources and evaluations suitable for beginners.

Are there risks involved in crypto prop trading?

While the trader doesn’t risk personal capital, it’s essential to adhere to the firm’s trading rules and risk management strategies to succeed.

Do I need to invest my own money to trade with a crypto prop firm?

No, when trading with a crypto prop firm, you do not need to invest your own money. The firm provides the capital for trading once you pass their evaluation process.

How does profit sharing work with crypto prop trading firms?

Profit sharing in crypto prop trading involves splitting the profits earned from trading between the trader and the firm, often favoring the trader with a higher percentage of the profits.

Can I trade different cryptocurrencies with a prop firm?

Yes, most crypto prop trading firms offer a range of cryptocurrencies to trade, giving traders the flexibility to choose assets that align with their trading strategies and market insights.

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